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As a kid I stayed up to watch him too. He was great.
Thanks for the memories Tom and Ashley

Kevin Avery

What a fine post. I recall almost all of the interviews that you mention. There were so many individuals whose work I had been familiar with but, until Tom, had no idea what they were like as people. He had the uncanny ability, it seemed, to bring out the best in them (which is to say, in John Lydon's instance, his worst). And tying this all in to a Jack Webb-at-the-counter experience was genius.

Howie Luvzus

The Onion has a good story too:


Here's a compilation of Tom Snyder clips from some NBC tribute. It's got bits of the Manson, Lydon, and Cosell pieces and much more.


Thanks, Joe, and thanks for the kind words everyone else!


That was one thing about Tom Snyder, he would really really laugh when he found something funny.

He had a good hearty smoker's laugh, and he didn't feel the need to curtail it just because he was on tv, hosting a talk show.

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