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I have strange ideas about those people, are they just mindless office drones doing their jobs or more like Auschwitz guards, "just following orders." I haven't decided.


I think about the guard locking up Cool Hand Luke in the box after his mom died. Luke said: "Callin' it your job don't make it right."

Think Auschwitz guards.


I can see where looking yourself in the mirror might be hard, but how is Allstate responsible for the deaths?

Those bodies rest at the doorstep of the Corps.


Everyone that had to beg for their rightful claims, everyone that had to live in a formaldehyde soaked trailer, everyone that hasn't come back, everyone that has to endure Allstate's commercials, everyone that has to deal with Jindal/McKinsey and their "never pay" policy:

These people have been brutalized by Allstate, pure and simple. When I'm made Maherajah, the heads of the board of Allstate go up on wooden sticks on top of the levees.



Allstate is an evil company.

Anyone who works for them furthers that evil enterprise.

No excuses.


Amusingly enough, I have a single plaintiffs case against them (my only plaintiffs case) for a 2003 injury in which they are total and complete bad faith dickwads. They don't seem to understand that the name of the case is "John Doe" v. Allstate and that's all the jury is going to need to see. The numerous pieces of evidence showing complete and total bad faith on their part for a black and white claim are really just lagniappe.


I take it that Will is, as usual, being sarcastic. Will doesn't see archaic terms like "good" and "bad", he only understands terms like "money" and "profit" and "more money".


No, I'm not being sarcastic. I think that the state legislature ought to pass a law allowing triple damages against insurance companies found to be operating in systematic bad faith. Right now some asshat at Allstate has a spreadsheet where they figured out that it would be more cost-effective to blanket-deny and litigate every claim than to just pay. Triple damages would change some key assumptions in that spreadsheet and we'd get better behavior. Or they'd just leave, and stop charging folks $3K a year that is essentially fraudlent when they have no intention to pay. Either way, we'd come out ahead.

But in general you're right, I only care about money. I don't give a crap about New Orleans. That's why I'm still here. That's why I didn't leave for years chasing my career after I finished at Tulane, but stayed right here the whole time.

Unlike some of our other more recent New Orleans crusaders.

Geez you can be a dick online sometimes, Ash - you're like a totally different person when you sit down to blog. Do you really think all I care about is money, or do you not think there's actually a person on the other side of the screen when you say stuff like that? It's wierd.


" Do you really think all I care about is money, or do you not think there's actually a person on the other side of the screen when you say stuff like that?" -- I would ask you the same thing in your responses to chrissieroux...

Will, typically your responses are sarcastic, and from what I've seen, you defend big bidness more often than not. I couldn't tell if you were deriding my slam of Allstate or agreeing.

If you were agreeing, which it seems that you were, I was outta line, and for that, I apologize. Hell, if you want, I'll remove the comment, and everything after. Just tell me.

It's just that time and time again you have taken the stodgy conservative viewpoint, and it appeared you were doing so again here. For example, when talking about the Sonnier's restaruant, you bitched and moaned that Midura wouldn't give Sonnier everything he wanted on a platter, yet you bitch about corrupt politicians constantly. When you finally ran into an honest pol, you slammed her just as violently as you would Mark Morial. I don't get it...I was just playing the odds.


No, I don't need the comment removed.

I just want a question answered: is this the kind of blog where opposing viewpoints are welcomed, or the kind where they're greeted with ad hominem attacks?

If views outside the dogma aren't welcome here, I'll stop posting them.

Richard P.

I'd honestly prefer to see opposing viewpoints allowed and presented, if not encouraged, provided that they're decently thought out and supported. OTOH if you're going to defend big business show me where business is under some kind of meaningful, substantive attack and such an attack that makes for a situation lacking fairness or balance. What I see is that more often than now, business gets plenty of what it wants. Do those who take risks not deserve to reap some reward? Sure, they do. BUT business will always keep pushing for everything it can get and always pushing against anything it doesn't want, given the only purpose, the only function, is increasing the wealth of the owner. One always hears about La. not being sufficiently pro-business. Whether that's a legit beef or not in comparison to other states I suspect that being more pro-business would result in more wealth for some but hardly necessarily a better quality of life and more opportunities for all.


Of course opposing viewpoints are welcomed, if they’re substantiated. Name calling, on anybody's part, ain't substantiation.

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