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I would buy a bicycle, but then probably wouldn't be able to ride it anywhere because I would be LMAO. J

Your Friend in 635

What do you think would happen? Those mooks in the White House would call it an American crisis and would pump billions of dollars into Houston and into the companies PRONTO.


They would likely get about 250 billion of taxpayer dollars delivered in an unmarked envelope.


"Just sayin'"



Who ARE you courreges? Are you living in Texas?


I just saw you are. Would explain much.


Imagine, all those Housticians moving here and bringin' their crime wif 'em. Think they'd print up "THANKS NEW ORLEANS" bumper stickers?

They're stupid for living there.

Cade Roux

Ashley says what many think and hold their tongues. Really - if it was a CAT 3 up to 50 miles west of the ship channel - major economic impact - recession to depression (depending on if we are already really headed for recession already). CAT 4 or 5, guaranteed depression, gas to $10/gallon.



No, I'm living in New Orleans. However, I was raised in Houston.


Houston won the oil companies over by providing a low regulation, low tax environment. You can't blame the city for trying to be more competitive, or the oil companies for moving to what they perceived as a better business environment. If nothing else, they have a fiscal responsibility to their shareholders.

As for the crime issue, I deplore as much as you do the fact that the DEMOCRATIC mayor of Houston has scapegoated New Orleans refugees for the crime surge. While it was certainly part of it (the number of crimes involving evacuees are high) the fact is that Houston was on a major upswing in terms of crime BEFORE Katrina hit. HPD is too small and the city hasn't made hiring more police much of a priority; accordingly, Houston exceeded New Orleans in many categories of crime pre-Katrina without the benefit of certain members of the New Orleans criminal element.


Houston was very good to New Orleans during Katrina, providing a point of evacuation from the Superdome, and still plays host to many former New Orleanians. It's more than improper to feel good about the notion of a hurricane striking Houston.

And in any case, Houston is too large and too far inland to be wiped out by a hurricane. Galveston, however, would be seriously damaged, and like New Orleans, it can't afford it.


george bush is so wrong like how could you respond to sotehming so important so slow like where they do that at he is wrong now look (they try to tell me keep my eyes open my whole city under water and some people still floatin and they wonder why black people stll voting because your president still choking) Tragedy is hard to get over ( tie my hands by lil wanye


Ray J neng mic kor touk teab mes? Mic kor jong tver bab ke jeng? Vea threaten ke in puiblc ke pun neng hery, mic kor Whitney men sue vea tov?


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It's going well Tracy. I'm reading your blog on a daily basis--it's one of my stiudo coffee break treats--but have been limiting comments because I am trying to limit my on-line time in order to meet some deadlines. Couldn't resist the opportunity to join in the political frustration though!


and im not going to sit here and ruin other peoples vdeois by getting into another argument with you If i didnt know any better i swear you are no older than 12 You have awful grammar, you can't spell for shit, and you have a hard time forming complete sentences Someone who has that much trouble with basic spelling / grammar obviously has some deep underlying problems. Which is obvious the way you follow me around like a lost puppy. Why so serious? and why so bitter?

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