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It's actually just a local chapter of the Save The Cranes Foundation.


Could it be that the government can't directly accept certain donations? Or to keep money away from the state? I know most public colleges, for example, have non-profits to hold the endowments and keep them away from the lawmakers.

I've got no expertise here, I'm just thinking aloud. It does seem doubly odd that he's hooked us with Catholic charities. Although maybe this was set up to deal with or accept donations from religious organizations? Again, I'm just guessing.


This is all true. The library has its own foundation for private fundraising as well. This could be very benign. But I'm curious about why it isn't often reported on.


Yeah, it could be perfectly normal and benign, but I'd like to see someone look into and find out.

They don't show up on the IRS list of charities:,,id=96136,00.html

Again, could mean nothing. This list was updated in June 2007, but maybe it doesn't include organizations created in February. It does make me a little more curious.


If it's going to be a 501(c)3 I understand it takes a while for the IRS to do their thing.

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