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1400 isn't "thousands". And that is as a result of ALL of Katrina's effects, not just the "Federal Flood".

I love the term "Federal Flood". As if nothing but the Federal Government caused the flood.


1400 is a tragic number of deaths, by the way, but let's not use hyperbole when it isn't called for.


I grieve anew with you all today. I have yet to have the privilege to call New Orleans home, but I am a New Orleanian in spirit. My visits to the city, both before and after the storm, feed my soul and make life worth living.

My prayers are with you all today and every day.


I thought you left Jim?


Aaron: Are you going to call me an asshole now?


You seem to have that taken care of all by yourself.

Richard P.

Amazing. Since everyone in N.O. is so foolish for living here where it can and does flood shouldn't the midwesterners, then, whose communities suffered the horrendous floods in 1993 be likewise considered foolish?


What about the ones who are suffering horrendous floods right now? How come I never hear people wringing their hands and asking "Should we rebuild Findlay, Ohio?" or wherever?


How callous and cold of yall N'awlinians to sit over there and commiserate when you do so without all your brothers and sisters that we'd be more than HAPPY to send back - just say when! We'll be glad to watch our crime rate go back down after a few hundred thousand ingrates go back home......but please don't expect them to show up with much in their pockets - it's damn tough to be thrifty spending goverment cash in topless bars and at CompUSA for big screen TVs.....

BEAM me the hell UP!


Still in mourning? Good Lord, get off your butts, take the black dress off and get to work. Remember the Northridge earthquake? Galveston 1900 Hurricane? Hurricane Andrew? Texas City explosion? on and on and on... You people are not the only ones to ever be stricken by a natural or man made disaster. Your troubles are not the greatest ill that ever befell mankind. You guys have bitched more than you have gotten to work. The rest of the country is tired of your whining and demands. Now, when illegal aliens take over your city to do jobs NOLAnians are not going to do (while you have another year of pity parties) I don't want to hear about all the taquerias where the beignet places used to be!

Putting cowboy hat back on and leaving your Church of the Perpetual Bitching.


Looks like all the New Orleans residents are at dinner, eating delicious food, so I'll make use of the magic time change.

The people who spent money in topless bars, etc. were NOT real Katrina victims. They were scam artists. And who the hell goes to CompUSA for big-screen TVs? Don't they have Best Buy or Circuit City where you live?

And really, the Northridge earthquake? It didn't even do significant damage in downtown L.A.! Hardly a fair comparison. And the Galveston hurricane of 1900 put an end to that city's dominance in Texas commerce -- a role, ironically, later filled by Houston. This is precisely the fate we hope to avoid for New Orleans.

The complaints about taquerias are coming from Jefferson Parish, NOT New Orleans. And what's with the "you people", anyway? Eurghh. Thanks for the "Church of the Perpetual Bitching", though; my actual church is moving, and now I'm no longer in danger of being unchurched!


Yes, remember what happened during Katrina. Remember to evacuate the next time you are told to. Remember your elected officials who declined the offers from Amtrack and bus companies who offered to help you BEFORE the storm. Remember to have hurricane supplies available to you for 3 days, instead of looting within hours of flooding. Remember what happened to those who didn't take heed to the warnings. Remember those who sacrificed THEIR lives because you did not heed warnings. Remember to hold those elected officials of your state who dropped the ball, next time election day comes up.

I have. I've been through the 1994 flood. A storm that didn't even have a name. I remember Allison. My best friend was 8 1/2 mo. pregnant at the time. Another person who I knew was the one who was killed when the retaining wall broke in the underground parking lot and left a perfect imprint of her body in the elevator when she tried to escape. She as well, didn't heed the warning not to try and leave, but to stay put in the high rise building. Yes, PLEASE remember.

Cade Roux

WTF happened here? I know this is Ashley's blog, but what happened to rational discourse?

I do think Katrina was a tragedy in the traditional sense, because the protagonist was brought low by an intrinsic weakness, a flaw in character - Achilles was dipped in the river after birth, it's the source of his strength, and simultaneously his great weakness. Katrina exposed many, many flaws in our national character:

Priorities (as we see increasingly since Katrina, we have mortgaged our future by putting off infrastructure maintenance)

Myopic tunnel-vision and denial (unlike the Dutch, we did not acknowledge that hurricane protection needed a long term commitment, we swept the poverty and educational problems under the rug and refused to acknowledge the rotten state of our social services)

Righteous Exploitation (capitalism's dirty underbelly is the maximization of profits on an unlevel playing field, taking advantage of others through endlessly creative methods of disenfranchising our fellow men - whether cheating at elections, tax dodges, negotiation power plays, bribery and blackmail - all in the name of our righteous reward-system which is out of control because there is no transparency and accountability)

All of these, in the same way, contribute to our great strength as a nation, and all will contribute to our inability to retain greatness as a nation, because we are unable to focus our growth into a long-lasting society of quality.

When confronted with that, it doesn't surprise me that those outside our city and state need to lash out at someone - we have reached the start of the fall of the American empire, and it's got to be scary for Americans. When Katrina pulled the curtain back on Oz, a whole lot of people didn't want to wake up from their dreamy slumber and get started fixing their society.


...and with Cade's well spoken comments, this thread is over.

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