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Mr. Clio

I give Diamond Dave 6 months. This ain't gonna last.


Ditto. Wha's up with this? No Michael Anthony!? Still..I hope they visit nearby. Dave was a riot when I saw him in Montgomery in the early eighties.


Yeah, I suggest seeing one of the shows the first month or so.

Grandmaster Wang

Those guys are such a soap opera.

I got a chance to see Van Haggar at the PMAC sometime in the early 90's and Michael Anthony stole the show. He was a riot the whole time, and did what seemed like a 20-minute bass solo (bass solo?) that was badass. Never have had a chance to be in the same room with Dave, and something tells me that at this point it's probably too late.

I could be wrong, as it's not like I pay close attention, but if memory serves, the Van Halens basically just up and kicked Anthony out of the band to make a spot for Eddie's son Wolfgang Bertinelli. What a chump move, after all those years.

(Again, if memory serves) I think Anthony is touring with Haggar now.

In other news, Valerie Bertinelli sure plumped up nice. I actually watch Jenny Craig ads now. I think Valerie's simply incapable of not being smokin' hot.

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