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That's nuts! My appraisal just came in at $5000 over what I paid for it ... five years ago. Of course, I'm not in Marshall's district. The good thing is that you can bring in your recent appraisal and have it reviewed ... but you probably already know that. Good luck!


Ours is more than double, too, for a three-story four-plex. Dan's a tad afraid if he takes it to the assessors, they might decide to jack it up even more.

Gut the house first and see how much they assess it for. If it's about the same, get out. Now.


Mr. Clio

It's that new kegerator, Ashley. You put that thing on the porch, full of pale ale, what did you expect? Nancy Marshall is right to say the value of your house doubled.


Heh. My neighbors have a keggerator, too. Wonder what their assessment is now?


Sweet zombie Jezus!

Thank goodness my neighborhood is full of slumlords or our place's assessment would go through the roof.

Maybe we'll duck this since the place isn't inhabitable at this point in time.

Your place came in at the roughly the same sale price as ours prior to the Federal Flood.

Stick it out babe... the millages will be cut back and we all continue. (That or the corner of Dumaine and Bourbon will become my workplace for quite some time.


This had started pre-K, unfortunately. One year after we moved into Vista Park, our house payment went up $350 a month after we got a whopper of a reassessment, and we were already paying the most we could afford monthly. I had to take money from selling my house and pay down as much as they would let me. So our house payment went up $200 a month. We were paying double in taxes what our neighbors were. I guess now EVERYONE is getting screwed.

Howie Luvzus

I thought our increase was bad. Heard Marshall (I think) on NPR yesterday. Nothing was really said about how this will impact recovery.

Sorry Dude.

mark c

your assessment should be very near your purchase price. I would appeal with your appraisal performed when you purchased your house.


It's not just you, Ash. Something went seriously wrong in the appraisal process.

All the houses on my side of our block were built at the same time by the same builder. Our appraisals run from $163 to $233 per SQFT. It's crazy - some houses are in better shape than others but not that much. Especially when you consider that a house on our block just sold for $180 SQFT in excellent condition.

I support Nancy Marshall and what she is trying to do, but she needs to admit error and work to fix it.


I spoke to Marshall earlier this week (I needed a form to renew my homestead exemption and somehow and called her direct line by accident). She volunteered that there were mistakes in the assessments, and said that was inevitable when trying to fix a long-broken system all at once. I got that impression that she knew many adjustments would have to be made.


Mr. Clio, I must empty that keg and replace it with PBR.

Unless anybody knows where I can get Jax or Falstaff.


Whoever appraised your house at $169k last year was smoking some potent Jamaican cheeba.

Your place is worth closer to the assessment than the appraisal, I'm sorry to say. It's certainly a bit high, but probly not near as much as you'd like.

Hey, Have you discovered the joys of refinancing?


Oyster, he BOUGHT the house post-Katrina, the price he bought it for should be going down, not up. The market was artificially inflated after the storm. Raise hell Ashley, if you need an angry lawyerish voice in someone's ear, let me know.


That's ridiculous. If you bought within the past couple of years, then your home should be assessed at or near that amount. You definitely need to challege this; I hear that Marshall is actually seeing people, and changes assessments if evidence is presented that they are inaccurate.

Still, I don't know what's up with Marshall's assessments. They seem totally random and usually wrong. I was lucky insofar as I also bought my home post-Katrina and my assessment stayed at the purchase price. However, both of my next-door neighbors are still assessed at less than a third of my assessment -- so they pay practically nothing in taxes.

All that Marshall shifted around, it seems, is land values, and lowered assessed building values to compensate. Accordingly, my next-door neighbor's dwelling (building alone) is assessed at $400, while mine is assessed at $108,800, or 272 times greater. Now, you'd think somebody in Marshall's office would have looked at that and said "that can't be right." Apparently not.

Marshall pledged to even out assessments to make them fair. What she's done is raise them overall, while maintaining serious inequities and jacking up some assessments well over market value. It seems like things are just as unfair as they were before.


"I must empty that keg and replace it with PBR. Unless anybody knows where I can get Jax or Falstaff."

Uhhh, Ashley, this guy might be able to help ya ferret some out. Don't think it'd be drinkable, though.


This is exactly what I was afraid would happen if the IQ ticket won any elections.

Here's what you should do: Create a network of angry bloggers and homeowners...anyone whose house is overassessed and is willing to go public with their home address.

Using Zillow and Latter & Blum's website (which has both current asking prices and some recent sales), post links to your house's information in the property database, along with nearby assessments and recent sales and current asking prices. That way, you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nancy Marshall is a fraud.

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