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>Thanks for that link, Pistolette. Although I have heard some chefs say that they want to see Bourdain actually cook a whole meal.

Bourdain cooked for his crew when they got stranded in Beirut during the beginning of that little war last year.

And I cannot stand Alton so I will be avoiding this show, thanks for the warning.


Well, you got me Courreges. As I'm a bastard, I can't trace my lineage to even my parents. Good for you.

Candice, I remember that show. I also remember how happy he was to have mac and cheese on the ship when they picked him up.

And fer cryin' out loud. Can't somebody mention my red boots? I mean, they're red! They're leather! They're boots! They're red leather boots in San Francisco!

Side note: on this particular trip (Up PCH from LA to Vancouver), I forgot my shoes. So I had to walk around Vancouver and Victoria in blue jeans and bright red leather boots.

Yes, I bought some shoes in Vancouver.


What the fuck is that bizarre yellow thing on the back of your riceburner?

Were you hauling Jeffrey's blog?


That was my "neon fucking bright yellow please God don't let them hit me" sleeping bag cover.


Oh, I've been immortalized by Robert Peyton:


Sure, you made out okay. I can understand that. But how did the other guy make out?

My dad worked at Harley Davidson up in Milwaukee for a quarter century, but couldn't afford one. I still have aspirations of one day getting a pair of Harleys and taking him on a road trip.


"What the fuck is that bizarre yellow thing on the back of your riceburner?

"Were you hauling Jeffrey's blog?"

Actually, the yellow thing looks like Jeffrey's brain apres blogging...

All I thought about your pic was how nicely you managed to coordinate yourself with the red bridge in the background.


Hell of a quote from that Robert Peyton link:

"...and again, I haven't actually seen the show, but neither of those things is going to stop me from stating the obvious: Alton Brown has an advanced case of syphilis. You heard it here first."

WTF????? Chalk it up to yet another reason why I choose not to pay for the bystander's privilege of watching good channels and programming go bad.

Cousin Pat from Georgia

So, all this talk about culture and what not is just a ruse to get us to look at Ashley, again and again, in a red leather jumpsuit with matching boots. Well played, Doc. Well played.

Anybody else seen the movie 'Waiting?'


If anything, Alton should have searched for incredibly pungent iced coffee.

How I wish Uglesich's were open when Alton came to town- it would have been the perfect place for him to see the shack-like gourmet that thrives in this city.

Todd over at Frolic of my Own posted a snippet about seeing Alton ride through last April.


My major disapointment is that he had no game plan coming into our great culinary city. He focused on Cajun food and boiled crawfish and missed all of our great true New Orleans fare.

Other, more amazing segments he could have done:

Tour of Hubig's Pie
Roast Beef Po-Boy at Parasol's
Sno Ball at Hansen's Sno Bliz
New Orleans Wop Culture/Cuisine at Rocky & Carlos
Tour & History of the Creole Hot Link at Vaucresson's

I could go on and on. Alton Brown is a self important twit.


Courreges, none of the things you said invalidated anything I said - you pointed out distinctions, you didn't dispute findings. Alabama has no french history, Texas has no french history. Louisiana does. Louisiana shares with Texas a Spanish history, but not FOUNDED by the Spanish, merely controlled for 40 years in the middle. And I dare you to find any other state in the union which wrote all of her laws and constitution in FRENCH, AFTER we became a US State. And the french was the controlling language, not the English translation, until 1870. We have the Florida parishes in Louisiana, if you want to see Louisiana's English heritage, as for the rest of the state it's a patois of French and Spanish heritage, mixed in with Irish and German in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I never denied we were a melting pot, but the ingredients of our pot are unique to us, we don't share some of them with any other state. You can't judge the state based on a snapshot of TODAY. Of course we speak English here, were not elitist Quebec separatist assholes, we're an American state. But the culture of the state shapes who we are and makes the culture of the Ohio's and the Connecticut's seem almost alien when you visit them. I fit in with the French crowd in Lyon effortlessly. So long as I didn't let any German slip.

Ashley: I thought the fruit was hanging too low from the tree for your man-bag outfit in San Francisco and I could horde my jabs and smart-ass comments for more difficult prey.


Wait a minute... Ashley, Is that YOU in the red suit?

And there's the SOUTH, which is what most of the nation associates with the bible belt area and then there is the Gulf South which is a lot more fun.



Fair enough. Just a few more comments, though:

Texas has French history (again, look at the six flags -- one of them is French). France claimed portions of Texas, including the current Dallas area and the panhandle, prior to 1819. De La Salle established a colony in East Texas for France in 1685 (although it didn't last long).

True, there were no lasting French colonies in Texas. On the other hand, everything in New Orleans except the vieux carre was settled by non-French settlers in the post-purchase environment of the 19th century. The old French aristocracy clung to power for a period, but eventually became completely dwarfed.

Personally, New Orleans strikes me as being far more similar to the rest of the South than to France (I can't speak to Ohio or Connecticut because I've never been to either, and I really prefer not to go too far up north).


I can't believe it! You post a picture of yourself in colored leathers in SF and mention Alton Brown's ignorance and you get more comments than I get in a month. You even have prominent librarians creating posts from their own comments. Then you talk culturally non-Southern and everyone goes off their rocker. It's the NOLA charisma, man. You've got it. Flaunt it!


I have lived a long time in the south, including TX, New Orleans AND Georgia (UGA and Emory, Tulane in New Orleans and Mac Arthur in SAT) .. guess you can say I was schooled in the south.

I have also lived in the north (MA, NoVA -ok thats not really north or south, IA, IL, WS, Alaska) and then Calif, for fun (right). (I wasnt born in this country and I come from a diverse ethnic background so there is no pigeonholing me.. I can say emphatically tho that I am not a southerner and I am not a northerner and I am not a midwesterner and I am not an Alaskan, etc)

I can say without any doubt that the south that northerners think they know aint in New Orleans and its not Texas. Its definitely in Georgia but not in Hotlanta so much, its in Albany, Savannah, Rome, Athens.

New Orleans, is really absolutely unto itself. You might have fantasies that it is part of the good old rebel south that shall rise again but its not. New Orleans is a whole the hell lot more than that.

I have spent time on base at Fort Polk in LA and I can tell you, that is as "deep south" as you might wanna get. Mighty fine people too.

I have spent time in Croset Arkansas and met the nicest people (if not the stinkiest town on the face of the earth). They also had some astoundingly delicious catfish fry-shacks out in the dark woods, unmarked, unlit, as heavenly as you could hope for.

Texas aint the south, its not even a question there. They are TEXANS. Perhaps you have to have lived there to even get that 10%.

Its a profound disservice to the generations of people who have lived and developed unique cultures in each state across the gulf coast and just north of that to simply refer to it as The South or as Red States (they are evolving) or as any one thing.



I'm not about to let Georgia monopoloize the notion of "the south." Texas is indeed southern, and so is New Orleans. They may not have the same culture as, say, Virigina, but there are common threads that bond the south, and different subcultures that make up the south.


I think I see what the problem is, Courreges. You have a completely different definition of what "the South" is in your head from everyone else. The "cultural south," in most peoples minds, speaks with a twang, is predominately republican and anti-immigration, and fits in with the "bible-belt" mindset. These are things many people are extremely proud of. That isn't New Orleans. Northern and some parts of Middle and Western Louisiana, definitely. Not New Orleans. We're progressive in mindset, we sound more like we're from brooklyn than from pascagoula, the city has always been pro-immigration, and that's in evidence from our large French, Spanish, German, Irish, Italian and Czech populations and currently our large population pre-Katrina from Guatemala. We're laid back in attitude, we enjoy a slower pace of life than the north and even most places in the geographic south and we're fiercely proud of our cultural heritage of Acadian ancestry and others. You're American in the cultural south and you vote to keep America American. We're cajun-American, Spanish-American, German-Americans, Italian-Americans in New Orleans and we vote to allow the immigration to continue that built such a fine city as this one.

We're New Orleans. We are not the South.



You see, all of that's just not true.

First, as I tried to note before, most southern cities aren't predominantly Republican (unless you count the suburbs in some cases, and then New Orleans is as well). There's no real "uniqueness" there.

Anti-immigration? Just look at the "taco truck" issue in Jefferson Parish. Just look at the enforcement of anti-immigration laws in Orleans parish. If you think New Orleans differs from the national norm on that, issue, you aren't paying attention. Besides, many other southern cities -- like Houston and Miami -- have far more immigration.

"Bible belt" mindset? Well, I commonly see religious posters here. Church attendance is probably about the same as in other major southern cities -- same with evangelism.

"Progressive in mindset?" You must be thinking of the liberal-left of New Orleans, which is a definite minority. If you really look at what "progressive" means, you'll find that New Orleans, for all its virtues, probably isn't best described as "progressive." New Orleans is much more about looking back than looking forward.

Laid-back attitude? Heck, you can find far more laid back elsewhere in the south.

Acadian ancestry? You're thinking further west. This ain't cajun country.

Melting pot of European cultures? Try any other city. You have lots of different European cultures mixing in. That's common across America.

Sorry, but despite your attempts to make New Orleans sound like some unique liberal island in the south, as you apparently *want* it to be, the city is still squarely in the south.


I'm sorry, Courreges, did you just say that Jeff Parish is a part of New Orleans?

That's a fatal mistake, pal.

New Orleans ends when you cross the parish line, period.


I'm acadian ancestry Courreges, all the Normands and Gautreaux's and Landrieu's are too. We all live in New Orleans.

Here's the problem with all of your arguments, you disagree with a point and then you just say "no" and then move in a different direction. You have no foundation for your "facts," no citation at all. I have facts. New Orleans HAS huge populations of culturally Irish, Italian, German, Vietnamese, Czech, and French. We have whole neighborhoods NAMED AFTER THEM. Jefferson Parish is a little suburb of New Orleans where people go to build their pre-fab homes and eat at one of their six chili's chain restaurants. It ain't New Orleans, never was. I have PROOF we are tolerant people in our PRESENT POPULATION. You have none. You just disagree. That doesn't make you right, it just makes you ignorant.


Well, first of all, that ain't Ash-Mo in that red suit; a channeling thing Ash does on Tito Puente. That's why it's red, and his legs are all crossed up like a timbale player's sticks; dead give away, I'd say.

Now, Southern thingy: sit still long enough in NOLA, and you'll get covered with moss, or some other fuzzy stuff. Sit still 20mins. where I come from, and you're a walking, talking Kudzu-Kickin'-Kritter. When it comes to culture-heritage-identity issues, I'm in constant crisis mode; why I live in Vienna. Trying to establish cultural-heritage-id over here is like trying to find the unified theory; something like that. And, if that isn't bad enough, I started a blog for my dad's family based on the old family farm's barn which is still standing up on The Middle Fork in E.Ky. Google Map that one. So, one min I'm up on the Fork smellin' mule farts, next over here in NOLA pickin' moss out from between my teeth, and I drop in occasionally on a cousin of mine in Oakland; when I can catch his filters down. Like I said: Vienna is the place to be when you find yourself seeking an identity. I'm still waiting to hear from the Amt on mine; applied for it 'bout 12yrs ago. Amazing: things move slowly here too, but not much grows on 'em; think is has something to do with Freud.

How was the Trigger fish Ash? Where's that ragin'-flammin' mime vid? You got time to be hangin' in comments-swamps, you got time to be getting that vid up.

Now that I've switched tabs back over to higV, and re-checked my latest ed.for typos, and html piss-outs, I can easily spot the rampant cultural confusion. I'd go back on my meds, but Hey! who needs an identity anyway? mean I've got 4 Google ids.; ought to do me till Armageddon, or the Saints win a Super Bowl; whichever comes first. And, before any of Comments-Swamps-Critters get to cleaning my clock on the Sanits-I was there when Archie-Who threw his 1st. pass vs the L.A. Rams. I been waiting a long-ass time. Hope some timbale player in the half time gala is kind enough to channel me back for the big moment. Hope springs eternal; something like that.

BTW-Ash-when you gonna move that Red thing on down a notch, or 2? Lady over by my crib last night trying to use my monitor as a mirror almost wrenched her neck off going back and forth twixt my screen, and her lipstick tube checking the shade#.


"Our culture is as a French port city with decades under Spanish rule. We have much more in common with Trinidad than Chattanooga."

Aaron, you are delusional. Drop any New Orleans native in Chattanooga and he'll do fine. He'll miss seafood, but he'll understand the language and the laws. Drop your average New Orleans native in Trinidad and he'll have a much harder time getting along.

"Courreges can looks [sic] at a political map as well, we're the only hotspot in Louisiana consistently blue surrounded by pulsating red."

Every majority-black city (Southern or otherwise) is "blue." Look at Richmond, Birmingham, Memphis, etc. They all vote Democratic. Does that disqualify them from being Southern?

"Alabama has no french [sic] history, Texas has no french [sic] history."

Your ignorance is astounding.

"I fit in with the French crowd in Lyon effortlessly."

Good for you, but what does that have to do with New Orleans? Are you implying that most people from New Orleans would fit in effortlessly in Lyon? Considering that most don't speak the language, that statement is preposterous.

"The 'cultural south,' in most peoples minds, speaks with a twang, is predominately republican and anti-immigration, and fits in with the 'bible-belt' mindset."

The South of "most peoples' minds" does not exist and never has. While the "Bible Belt" mindset is common in plenty of places throughout the South, New Orleans is far from the only exception to this generalization.

"We're progressive in mindset . . ."

If by "progressive" you mean liberal, I'll give you that. But again, that doesn't distinguish New Orleans from any other majority-black city in the South or anywhere else in the country. If you're using "progressive" to mean forward-thinking, you could not be more wrong. New Orleans is as backward as a city can be.

"We're laid back in attitude, we enjoy a slower pace of life than the north and even most places in the geographic south . . . "

That's true of the entire Gulf South (and probably any coastal area), not just New Orleans.

"You're American in the cultural south and you vote to keep America American. We're cajun-American, Spanish-American, German-Americans, Italian-Americans in New Orleans . . ."

You seem to think the entire Southern U.S. is made up nothing but blacks and Scots-Irish. This is simply untrue. Pascagoula is full of people with Czech ancestry. Pensacola and Mobile both have large Greek, Italian, and Jewish populations. South Carolina has one of the oldest Greek populations in the country. I could cite plenty more examples but I'll leave it to you to educate yourself.

". . . we vote to allow the immigration to continue that built such a fine city as this one."

Where is your evidence of this?

"New Orleans HAS huge populations of culturally Irish, Italian, German, Vietnamese, Czech, and French."

Again, this is by no means unique to New Orleans. This totally provincial idea that New Orleans is the only city in the world to have this or that is one of the few things I don't miss about the place.

"I have PROOF we are tolerant people in our PRESENT POPULATION."

Really, where is it? You seem to assume the rest of the South is intolerant. Not true at all.

You seem to be a rather simple-minded young man, Aaron. New Orleans has its idiosyncrasies but so does just about every place in the South.


"You just disagree. That doesn't make you right, it just makes you ignorant.

Aaron, you're projecting.


Let's all take a deep breath before I have to lock this up.

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