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Mook alert!


Brilliant! I'm stayin' with ya!


We know what we can do to send the message to AmeriKKKa that we are not OK.


At first I thought the Biafra strategy had something to do with Jello. Too much Wesley Willis in my youth, I spose. :)


fuck me.Looking at the holes that burton and nonoan picked at in lenihans budget is scary. He's looks like he made the budget up on the run and is just fucking it in behind him on the way outNew SF dude is like a kid in sweeet shop, he's hyper as fuck and running around like a rabbit on mushies. Though the 4 of them bunched up together there do look like a gang I'd walk across the road to avoid


Emergency protest rally!!Saturday, October 22, 12 noon. Federation Square, City. Today a masivse police operation violently broke up the peaceful City Square occupation. There were over 58 arrests. Then the cops forced protesters up Swanston Street. Protestors went to Trades Hall where a general assembly decided to hold an emergency protest on Saturday. Please spread the word as widely as possible


True he's had a bad run since Jan of last year but so have a number of other a8stalwartsa8 like Bendtner(scores more thgouh), Arshavin, Walcott,Rosicky (seems to be returning to form thank God)and Ramsey(sure can score the big goals thgouh!)You neglect to take into account his lack of playing time and also the dearth of good crosses into the opponent's area. I believe he will return to form when he gets the service he needs to get his head on the ball and when RVP needs a rest, but so far, barring injury, it doesn't look like he'll get more games than CC and maybe FA Cup outings.This season we have strength in depth what with Arteta,AOC, Park, Gervinho, Benayoun, Frimpong, Ryo and Rosicky all pushing for a place in the midfield or up front. Once Wilshere and Diaby return, we will be really faced with an embarassment of choices and Chamakh may become surplus to requirements but AW will not move on him until we have our walking wounded back and the African Cup is over.

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