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Perhaps half a million pets died in the Federal Flood, but I guess animal rights activists would rather speak out about a football player's cruelty rather than, say, picket the ACoE.


I guess it's because the USACE doesn't sell t-shirts.


Ashley, you truly are a man of the 21st century.

I want my tee shirt to say "Go Here:"


The folks of the ACOE have their place awaiting in Hell, but Vick has his place in my Netherworld.


Ok, anyone else noctie that execpt for the first picture of the kids on the bridge where G is getting ready to jump he doesn't have his feet on the ground he is in midair in all the other bridge pictures. Too cute love these bridge pics.


Nope, never. I don't wish him pain, but I don't wish him success eehitr. He didn't really do the time since he didn't do a day in prison for animal abuse. And all his campaigning against animal abuse is a condition of his release.I see people getting away with animal abuse and neglect every day in my volunteer efforts working with pit bulls in Baltimore. Mostly it's ignorance or need driving the people involved. But when I seen Michael Vick I see a person who PROFITED, needlessly profited, from animal abuse, animal torture, animal murder. I can't stand it.

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