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Sweet Jesus, did they have to drape their blinding whiteness in head-to-toe white?


All except for David. He's in blue, because he's impure.

karen b

So no bobbit for vitter? How disappointing


Wendy Cortez-Vitter just made it worse. It's one thing to have your husband play the 'Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?' trick on you. It's a whole other thing to try and pull the same trick on the entire public.

I don't care where anybody puts their winky as long as it doesn't hurt anybody but Vitter was asked point blank about it while he was Rep. Vitter and he flat lied to the voters. Isn't lying a sin too? Did I miss where he asked for forgiveness for lying to the Louisiana public?


Uhh, it ain't the lyin' necessarily, it's the illegal act of paying for sex that is what's wrong here.

And, as David asks, which dollars were used for the dirty - Diaper Dave's own or the taxpayers' ?


I suppose it's possible that somebody was paying for all this for vitter, but the argument that Wendy is too much of an eagle-eye with the check balancing just doesn't wash. Vitter's net worth is between $750K to $2.8mil:

and he's a US Senator who travels all the time, has lots of expenses, etc, so being able to squirrel away the cash for a couple of $300-an-hour sessions every month would be a no-brainer.


I want Vitter in my Star Court... he has harmed many folk, especially mine, and it's my turn to ask the questions.


This guy needs to go. Preaching morality and running for office on a platform of family values while slutting with prostitutes is no way for a U.S. Senator to conduct his life. It was more than a sin. It was illegal!

Sign the petition demanding he resign.

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