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Learn to crochet from a stripper? I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.
Great post!


Jan Hus, yes I remember now. Thus, the word "hussies".


Al Copeland's is simply a glorified McMansion. Don't go putting that in the castle category.

A Krakow Stag Weekend Organiser

As the managing director of one of the stag companies critisised in your blog, I read your post with interest. I think that on the whole I agreed with your points, however, I would like to point out the following:

1) The majority of stag groups are independent travellers and are not arranged through stag companies. Obviously we would like to rectify this on a profit-basis but there are also other more important reasons:

a) All of our groups take part in day-time activities (which keeps them out of the bars all day).

b) Our groups have chaperones that are trained to monitor groups and keep them out of trouble (including annoying locals, shop-owners, other groups of lads etc) - our groups, whilst not all are angels, do cause very few problems.
The vast majority of problems are caused by groups of stags that have travelled to a city by themselves with nothing to do all day but drink in the bars and no form of controlling influence that would be provided by a good chaperone.

2) Not all stag companies are created equal - whilst a very small number of stag operators may wish to sink to the lowest level in order to attact a cash-happy group of thugs this is not the case for the vast majority of companies. For clarification, We NEVER NEVER NEVER arrange prositutes for our groups.

3) Ok, ok not all of our groups are culture vultures, but you might be surprised how many are actually interested in the local history. E.g in Krakow, we have a guided city tour, Wieliczka Salt mine visit and a tour of Auschwitz (see for pictures of one of our groups visiting Auschwitz).

In conclusion:
Stag Travel is our business , it is profitable, we like doing it and want to continue to do it in the future. It really isn't in our interest to annoy local hoteliers, bar-owers or people. So, wherever possible, we take steps that will reduce negative feelings towards organised stag weekends. We arrange day-time activities to reduce drinking-time, we have a chaperone (or two) with every group and we also provide cultural events to groups that are interested.

Please don't confuse groups that arrive by themselves with groups that go through a reputable company with a well organised itenary...they are entirely different, yet often tarred with the same brush.

Thankyou for your time.

Matthew Mavir
Managing Director


Matthew, I appreciate your comments, and I realize that there are different quality levels in each tour company.

However, if you truly want to show me that you're a different kind of company, why don't you organize tours of New Orleans? We can provided the greatest music in the world and the greatest food in the world, along with all the strip clubs you can handle. In addition, you can have a tour of the flooded areas of New Orleans that haven't come close to being rebuilt, so your group can see the devastation, and how the US government has abandoned us.

I'll help you in any way possible.

What do you think?

Matthew Mavir

We have just started operating in the United States with Las Vegas, we will see how this goes before moving further afield. I think New York will be next but New Orleans is on the shortlist of possibilities.


Nice post, Ashley. Very thoughtful.


Coincidentally, I ran across this the other day while loking for soemthing else:
"The primitive form of conscience is paradoxical: to burn a heretic is on the one hand a pious and meritorius act--as John Hus himself ironically recognized when, bound to the stake, he espied an old woman hobbling towards him with a bundles of faggots, and exclaimed "O sancta simplicatas!"--and on the other hand a brutal manifestation of ruthless and savage lust for revenge." CG Jung
Now how often does Jan Hus come up?


Jan Hus is a rock star.

Hen party Cork

Hey, just visit Cork in Ireland. According to me it is the best place to have a party of all kinds, especially the hens.

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