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No Gleason? Damn, damn, damn...


I noticed Gleason was on IR. What's the story?


Ashley, you're such a pro. I love that the video backdrop has your tag on it, nice touch.


Here you go, Clark:

Pure co-inky-dink, Carmen.

Mr. Clio

Take THAT, Jake D. and Company.

Chef Who Dat

Never mind the Steve Gleason hair memorial, Ashley. Chef's heading to the gym immediately to get in some speed bag work.His left jab has gone all soft this off-season and Chef ain't takin' any lip in Cafe 641 this season.

Southern Leftist

Gleason is my favorite Saints player. No one loves the game and is more excited to be on the field and respects the people of New Orleans more than Steve.

You can find Steve in New Orleans in the offseason cruising around town on his bicycle on the weekends or advocating for the use of biodiesel (his car runs on biodiesel) and if you didn't know he was a Saints player, you'd just think he was a fun-loving goofy white guy with a passion for life and the earth. Because that's what he is at heart, a good man who gives back not because he's made it as a pro football player, but because he'd be giving back even if he was the Saints ballboy. That's just the kind of guy he is.


Congrats New Congrats New Orleans on winning the Super Bowl! I'm a bears fan, but I chose the Saints to be in the Super Bowl. And I chose them to win it. I said the Saints would win by 14 and they did. Congrats to the Saints and the Who Dat Nation! Who Dat!! Who Dat!!! Who Dat!!!


THANK YOU SO MUCH THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video. We were staying in the qtruaer also and you captured the moments PERFECTLY. I shot this any better than you. THANK YOU, WHO DAT !!!!Ddn't you LOVE all the high5 s my arms gotta real workout !!


We booked for 4 days best renlixag days I've had for a long time. The beach was beautiful, calm, clear, clean. The hotel photos do not do the hotel justice. The hotel is right on the ocean, a few steps off. We could clearly see who was at the beach from our hotel room. The hotel experience itself was great, beginning with the wonderful valet parking attendants ($*/day fee worth it), followed by the service provided by everyone at the reception area as well as all other service staff. The hotel room was great, we were given an update from the room we d chosen to a corner ocean-front room. We also had free internet access, coffee, and the NY times. The view was amazing. The beds and pillows were very comfortable. Room had 2 closets one was a walk-in. There is no balcony, but we did not miss it. An attendant hands you a beach towel as you enter the pool and beach area, later another comes by and offers you fresh fruit, and even a cold wet towel to cool you off. I thoroughly recommend this hotel and will return. It is not in south beach, but it is close enough that we drove with our car and visited Lincoln Road.


Yes, E.M. Bounds was certainly a great man of pyraer and I have a number of his books. But my favourite author of all time when it comes to pyraer, has to be Andrew Murray, a South African minister who lived around the same time as E.M. Bounds. His books With Christ in the School of Prayer', The Minstry of Intercession', Waiting on God', Absolute Surrender', and Reaching Your World for Christ' among many, many others, have had the most profound effect on my life. I find I cannot read any of his books without having my Bible alongside, and stopping along the way to pray and reflect upon his words. What a man of God he was what a man of pyraer! Although Jesus is our ultimate example, I can't help but think of these words found in Hebrews 13:7: Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. As we minister to people in our generation, we are so blessed to be able to learn from God's faithful men and women who have gone before us. Praise God!


Well, this country has gone to hell since the 60 s maotggs. This is what brought on all those radical anarchist groups. They do not deserve to live in this country, they do not deserve the rights and freedoms our men and women died for through out the years. I think it is time to bring them down, and hard. I am sick and tired of these kind of people, it is time to fight back once and for all.

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