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I already sent Midura a thank you email, along with sending emails to C. Ray, Fielkow, Thomas and Head. Below is the response I got from Stacy Head (I don't love her either, but she's my representative). Haven't heard from anyone else yet, other than the standard email C. Ray is sending out.

Calling for Mr. Jordan's resignation, while potentially making
me feel good, will have absolutely no positive impact on the operations
of his office. A recall and an impeachment are likewise futile

Instead, along with several of my colleagues, I am asking the Supreme
Court to exercise its legal power and appoint a special
prosecutor to immediately step into the D.A.s office and make needed changes

Such changes will have immediate impact such as assuring that experienced prosecutors are assigned to murder cases instead of
inexperienced attorneys like Ms. Webb, who handled the Anderson case.

Stacy Head
Councilmember, District B


What else do you expect from a lawyer. Spin, then refer to other lawyers.

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