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Oh, there you go again, getting all, uh, excitable. It clearly says "Copyright New Orleans Saints 2007" down in the lower right-hand corner, nearly a full inch above the bottom of the page. :-)

Funny thing, I was just on there yesterday, looking to see if there was such a thing as a Saints doggie sweater. I figured Public Enemy No. 7 would appreciate seeing a few thousand of those when (and if) he gets to town in Oct., but alas, "there ain't no such animal".


You know, I didn't even notice that it didn't say New Orleans, but I'm so used to that being implied. But duh that's important, don't ya think? Intentional?

And I was not impressed by the out of state firm either. But I'm so excited right now about the team I've been overlooking that kind of stuff. That's why we look to YOU for wisdom and guidance. :)


Pshaw, Michelle.

I'm just wondering about how we'll make out because, for the first time in a long while, we won't have Beerman, FreddieMac, or Gleason on special teams. None of 'em.

As Mr. Clio told me, this could be a big opening for Stecker to show himself as FreddieMac II.


It's an opportunity for a lot of guys to step up on special teams. I never thought of Stecker as a Fast Freddie kind of runner. Is he really that fast? Oh, the anticipation!!!


Hey KamaAina, we recently got our pooch her Saints jersey from the Pet Quarter:\Plain\SearchResult-newNAV-B.html%26category%3DAP10


All the other NFC South teams have their full name prominently displayed plus a bunch more teams that I checked.


Yeah, Philly and Dallas don't have any problem with displaying the city name prominently.


Nice scoop on the web development firm Ashley. Tom Benson always has been, and always will be a big fat asshole in my book. He wines and cries, and scolds the business community for not supporting the Saints better, and then he goes and pulls one of these numbers....CLASSIC BENSON.

...oh and by the way - how's that long term aggreement to keep the Saints in New Orleans going?? 2010 - *very* close.


I think I am most upset about Shockey leaving! When he plaeyd, he was great but I understand that his age injuries were a risk for us. At least he was part of our first SB win!!

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