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And CNN is reporting that Vitter used the DC madame.


Wooo Hooo!!!! Vitty Cent! Mr. Morality!!!!!


I say we go march and listen to him rant from the podium... we just all carry big mirrors so that C-Ray only sees himself when he's blaming everyone else for the probs down here.

Richard P.

At this point there's a whole long list of politico's and others, some local and some not, that it would be worth it to take to the streets and rally against. Where to begin? Who knows?


I found a 2002 whore account of Vitter and a New Orleans prostitute named Wendy Cortez he denied vehemently as "politically motivated," if by politically motivated he means whore-happy, then yes I think he's on to something. I splashed it on my blog, good times!


The New Orleans prostitute story was covered by Salon right before the election in 2004. It also suggests that perhaps Vitter had an alliance with David Duke:

Howie Luvzus

Pissed at C Ray? Yes we should be. Pissed at the weak-ass press? Yeah. Woltering looks really tough asking Morial questions during EssenceFest. Why isn't he asking C Ray the same questions?


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