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Oh, go fuck yourself.


You didn't mention the part of your European that included a sex change. What's this world coming to? Oh, sorry DangerB, for the double entendre.
Now with that go "fuck yourself", you're blog rating just went up to XX.


Your wife told me you already scream your own name.


I was gonna say something witty but I have to bow before Carmen the Master.

Ray Ward

What the other Ray said.


Skewered again by strong women


I'm have some kewl disturbing dreams tonight.


I tried to get in and post your picture at that imdb website, but I guess it doesn't work like wikipedia . . .


You are a point guard for the Temple Owls as well.

I think you should start a regular blog feature 'Great Moments in Ashley Morrisdom'. Too much is never enough.

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I like this phrase in here: Yep, just to scream her name during sex. This is perfect because with a beautiful woman like this one I'd do that all time, look at her face!!!

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