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Tonight, in fact all nights, I lift my glass to the World Class New Orleanians.

Skip Higgins

“Every time I think of leaving,” “I bump into somebody I know.”-Eric Martin

Somebody please musicfy that as only NOLA can.We've got a lot of stuff in Vienna-but we ain't got this...nothing even close to the real you got in NOLA. As Cannonball said-Walk Tall-you're walking Tall NOLA-keep walkin'...


It's FAN-tastic being in the place that invented sense of place. It's also FAN-tastic being acquainted with those who know it.

Woohoo, Ashley!!!!


I'm going to do my best to have another 40 years here with a city filled with tres kewl folks.

*Hoists jug of whisky*

Thanks New Orleans for being here (still).


Much luck, much love. NOLA stays a part of you forever.

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