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Ow my eyes. At least here, they have the good sense to have a cajun festival and not try to call it mardi gras. I don't go. I am very wary of a crawfish fest in N. alabama.


Have you ever seen it spelled "Zydecco" before? What's up with that?


The real lyrics they were singing:
"Tell me why, I'm playin' up in here,
Tell me why these people don't dance,
Tell me why the bar ain't near,
Now I know why that guy Ashley rants. . . et toi"


Are we SURE it's not some Cajun-polka band? "Roll out da barrel, cher".


Those are very funny pictures. It’s pretty much a cheap shot to comment but it looks like the three people who did show up had no idea what to do next. It’s looks wilder than Cleveland. Maybe somebody’s been eating Zydecco Wafers.

save no

This is why New Orleans MUST be preserved! If our city, our home, our passion, is allowed to sink into the Gulf,( like many are hoping) pathetic displays such as this are all that will remain of our culture. Mardi Gras will be a vague memory at best.


The more "c"s, the bigger the party, I guess.

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