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Richard P.

You may not believe it but seriously when the day comes that Cowen leaves, I can think of many who are going to need emergency surgery to remove their noses from his posterior (and maybe to implant them into the posterior of whoever the successor is, too).

Again, look at the supposed no. 1 Tulane sports fan forum site, yogwf, who were all over themselves about 4 years ago at their supposedly having brought Cowen around to adopting their own view of athletics (while constantly during the period of April-June 2003 castigating him much as you do now). Just a little sweet talk from the Big Guy turned them into adoring puppies whose board monitors quickly stifle it whenever anyone has anything less than completely flattering to say about the Dear Leader.

Blessed be the engineers and Newcomb alumnae who still have some principles.


So true.

R. Eustis

Check out the AAUP's report on all this mess, if you haven't yet. Very interesting reading.

It's online here:

Richard P.

The real major story that may be going unnoticed is that Tulane, having, for better or for worse, embarked since the postwar years on a long-term quest to be a national research institution is apparently shrinking back from that vision. What exactly Tulane is trying to be these days is anyone's guess.

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