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Could we at least get them to do some projects in the city? It'd be nice to have them back someday, but right now, what we really need is the housing.

Their Memphis experience clearly shows that they have the chief qualification to work in N.O.: the ability to slap down clueless bureaucratic mooks!


Intellect was what the Founders had. Intellect is what sparks the changes that create new Worlds, new ways of seeing things.

What we have here in Debrisville is the nucleus of a new Party, the Sinn Fein Party.

We are already wearing ourselves out with the rebuilding... what is the cost of a few new tasks?


VOB is, in fact, building about 450 units (houses and apartments) on da wesbank, in Algiers and Jeff Parish. They break ground at the end of July.

They were trying to build in da East, but nobody wants to invest there.


Sorry, unrelated, but there's a new post at The Poorman (generally an excellent blog) by the guest blogger Sifu Tweety which demands somebody get over there and do it justice. Its another one of his "ditch New Orleans" posts. I'm so apoplectic over it I can't even begin to respond at the moment.


Sifu Tweety has been doing this for a while. Ray and I tore him one a while back. That's why the poorman is no longer on the blogroll.


Well, The Editors has declared the entire discussion to be the most pointless, ever.

East coast prick.

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