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Spread the Black and Gold over Europe!

less than 50 days until the Hall of Fame game!

Anytime you need to feel Saintly.............


Have a safe trip. Watch out for the slivovitz or whatever the Poles call it. I'm going to rent a rocket launcher while you're gone and try to get that $854 million for your city. I know you'll tell the Poles that you are not ok.
It's sad that they let the Beerman go. He was one of those true stories, man.


Berto, I love your page. I have the same music on the page I set up for my students!

Ashley, enjoy not being in the heat, gawd. Regale us with pleasurable stories when you return. I am sad about Beerman, but elated for Freddie, what a class act.


"I don't know how you get around the Federal government in America."

The Mafia does it pretty well.

"The mafia is a kind of organized crime being active not only in several illegal fields, but also tending to exercise sovereignty functions – normally belonging to public authorities – over a specific territory..." --Paolo Pezzino


Enjoy your trip!


I was waiting for Beerman's release. Not eagerly, mind you, but at best with his injuries he might have had a year like last year. So, I'd been preparing myself for this sad, sad day.

And yes, I've been skipping around since I heard about Freddie Mac's new position. Of course they still have a soul.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!


Have a great trip Perfesser.

We'll guard the fort...

Howie Luvzus

Enjoy the cool weather!


I would be remiss if I failed to point out that the U.S. has had a Quebec since the annexation of Hawai'i in 1898. "Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono!" The fleur-de-lis is not, however, among our many floral emblems.

As for the foreign aid, I've been suggesting since about Week 6 post-K that we form our own NGO to coordinate aid from the many countries that still give a fig about New Orleans. It could even obtain observer status at the UN, thus becoming a perennial thorn in Bush**co's side. I'd be available for Foreign Minister, since a) I'm not actually in the city, so I wouldn't have to leave it, and b) I can set up the mission for free in Mom's back room in the East 70's. They've even got broadband!!


Have fun in Poland - find out if the Polish sausage is better in Chicago or Poland. I know the best Turkish food I ever had was in Germany of all places. We still have an appointment to keep at some time, too.

Lisa Palumbo

Have a great trip, Ashley! We'll miss you.


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Hey great photo are you going to use it in the spots where people are suepospd to insert photos (I'm sure there's a term for that but sheesh how could a Luddite like me know it LOL).L.A.L.A.?!?!No, nonononono you need to come to HOUSTON.You'd have great friends here. People ALWAYS bond well under extreme conditions.Julie

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