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Daaaaamn right!


I suppose if it can never be in the Rocket city, then New Orleans would be my next best choice.


Oooh, it's neck and neck with Miami now. Vote, everyone, vote! ;-)


Geez, someone ought to hire this guy to be their speechwriter!

1. New Orleans: This is more than helping a reeling region regain its big-event mojo; it's about restoring the nation's biggest sporting spectacle to its rightful home, the glorious city where music, nightlife, logistical convenience and unparalleled food so blessedly collide.


God Bless you Ashley for keepin me informed on the Saints and football in general - the Saints run this year has converted me into a football lover - I used to just go on about it being "rugby for American sissies with pads" (although I'd look to see how big the football jocks in the bar were before I'd say that too loud!!). Mind you I don't know that I'll ever be able to support any other team than the Saints!!
Best Wishes
ps I'm on a praying schedule for next season!! :)

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