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Mazel tov! May there be many more years of all of y'all together - for better and/or worse.

Even the cat. Some days, you might be thinking, "ESPECIALLY the cat..."


You're a good man. Losing a Leica would have been a deal breaker for me! BTW, I've always wanted one...can you ask her where she put it?


It was misplaced either a) in a ratty Italian joint near the dome or b) in Copeland's on St. Chuck.

She likes to say she lost my "camera". I always correct her, and say she lost my "Leica". The photographers who hear this grimace and give me that "you're a better man than I" look.


Ouch. Your life is like our life with little kids. Although they grow up too fast. IGeez, this year mine are coming to a Saints game! A few years ago, it would have been impossible.


Vicki Iovine, a mom of four, said that one of her greatest milestones in terms of raising her brood was the day she told them all to get in the car and they didn't need to be fastened into the car by an adult or an older sibling. They just GOT IN the car and took care of themselves.



I'm obviously not a photographer cause I had no idea what a "leica" was, had to google it.
Sorry to hear about kitty, hope shes doing better.


Good to hear your cat is ok. Do you think the problems might be because of the pet food stuff?

R. Eustis

It's the end of the semestah, brah.

All us academic types we all covered up.


Great stories. Those kidlets will be big before you know it. May there be much festing in your future. I too was wondering about cat food.


because He would have opened the fucking doors!"

That's classic.

Yeah, enjoy those kids while they're little. Blink, and the oldest one will be able to babysit the younger kids while you go out.

Blink again, and he'll be graduating. At least, that's what's happened to me.


I was wondering about why you seemed so busy.


You should save your cat food and vet receipts and join the class action lawsuit to get you thousands back. make sure you get me some Saints tix with your settlement.

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