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That's a good man.


What's the story with the Red Cross? I gave them (plus 4 other organiztions)money right after the flood. Later, I read from several NOLA bloggers that it was the church groups and other volunteers who were doing the work, NOT the Red Cross. Some people urged not to give to the Red Cross. Then they had that little administrative fuss.


I told all my friends and co-workers in Chicago to contribute to Habitat. Choke on that one, Andy.


I wrote her a thank you note. I hope she gets it.


I believe that the Red Cross had good intentions, but they were an administrative mess after the storm. Loads of money went to wrong places, or nowhere. They have recently implemented the Access to Care program, which pays or reimburses for mental health treatment for people affected by Katrina, which is great in theory. We'll see how that pans out.


Thank you, Geri and thank you, Ashley.

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I would love to contribute on what i can. I like helping these kind of people.

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