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Unbelievable. The CEO of Allstate wants to get out of the catastrophic coverage business. Well, then, what exactly are you selling? Assholes.


Don't feel like the lone stranger. Allstate has bailed on California as well. No new policies for the Golden State. Don't know about renewals. States in this situation should require insurance companies to sell all products or none. In other words, no health or auto insurance if you're going to punk on home insurance.


Check this little tidbit of info, too.

The insurance companies seem to be getting some help from some lowdown, no-good authorities in these matters.

Michael Homan

I'm so numb from these insurance assholes. But I have a great idea, how about giving them $1 million to come back to our state to write policies they won't honor. We're sorry for complaining insurance industry, and we do thank you for sponsoring the Sugar Bowl. We started gutting our house today, 21 months after Katrina. Allstate is the main reason we haven't been able to move forward. We won't be back in our house for a year. We got Road Home money, which bailed out Allstate. But I am still looking forward to our trial date in December against Allstate. Maybe Alex "just tell the truth" Soto from the video will be there. He's objective.


if the "real story" hasn't come out yet, certainly a shady video on your mouthpiece website with a creepy interviewer will clear things up.

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