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I like your picks. The Sabres might have to go longer though. Obviously, you know the players a lot more intimately than I, so my observations are a little more general.
Frog pussy, Czech.
Suzanne, Czech.
Hanrahan, Czech.
Faire pipi, Czech.
Nipples as hard as little rocks, Morris, Czech.
The script's a screamer.

* Drury's got a lot of heart, but not as big as Secretariat's. A friend brought us back some hair from his tail after he had retired in Kentucky.


Marco, imagine what a violin bow made of Secretariat's hair would be worth.

Mo Wanchuck had the dirtiest mouth of anybody on the team. I'm proud to be named after him. Brad Sullivan, the actor who played him, was 46 when he did the movie. He looked to be in better shape than Chelios. I also liked him as the psycho CIA guy in Canadian Bacon. " I met this little redhead who was an underwater specialist..."

Slap shot also had one of the worst lines ever uttered: "take that sentence back".

And who can forget Oscar winner Paul Newman saying "Your son looks like a fag to me. You'd better get married again, cos he'll have somebody's cock in his mouth before you can say Jack Robinson".


Go, Mo! I'll have to rent it. I don't think it'll be on Nick at Nite anytime soon.
Newman's line is a classic.

Canadian Bacon:

Boomer: There it is, men. Toronto.
Roy Boy: It's beautiful. Like no other city I've ever seen. It's like Albany. Only cleaner.
Boomer: There it is, men. Toronto.
Roy Boy: It's beautiful. Like no other city I've ever seen. It's like Albany. Only cleaner.

They must have been here. SmAlbany, NY what a poor excuse for a city!


Uh oh. Sabres in 5 looks like it won't happen, unless they take 4 straight.


Imagine what a violin bow made of Chris Drury's hair would be worth.


I'll be so happy when they finally give out the cup so I can shave off my playoff beard.


A Chris Drury hair bow. Hmmm. But unless he starts going for that Steve Gleason look, it may only work for Suzuki violins for 2 year olds.

Go figure. In that game last night, Ottawa had the moves. And it was at the Marine arena. So much for home ice.


I forgot to mention your succinct and incisive playoff analysis. The hockey's good. That's what it's all about. Whomever the cup goith to. I don't want to watch any Ducks though. I hope Deeetroit prevails. Ottawa's looking good and the Canadian bacon people up North are hungry too. Montreal 1993.


Ouch. Montreal 1993.

At the time, I had just moved to Seattle from LA. I was a rabid Kings fan. Just rabid. I went when they had those gold and purple jerseys, even. Then came Gretzky, and Ron Duguay and John Tonelli, and the most plentiful ticket in LA became the toughest.

That win by the Kings to get out of the conference finals over the Loafs was simply amazing.

Then, they measured McSorley's stick. The team never recovered. Game, set, match, Habs.

Mr. Clio

I don't understand. How does this post relate to the Saints? Are the Sabres in the NFC South? Can Robert Lang guard Marques Colston? Please clarify.


Mr Cl10,

Don't forget, one of our latest signings, a long snapper, is from Alberta. We're just making him feel at home.

Also, the New York Islanders play next door to a small liberal arts college in Long Island.

Can you name it?


The Sabres are fucked. I feel sorry for the team and the fans. Ottawa and Canadian Bacon land are very hungry for a cup. They're not used to going this long without one.

Stoneybrook? What does the winner get? Fried chicken at...?


Hofstra, I found out. I lose.




Man, Buffalo had a 2 goal lead, and just sucked away the lead.


That first dis-allowed goal within minutes of the opening faceoff was big too, but they scored 2 after that.
Ottawa in 2, Czech. Next.


Gooney goo goo. OK, Wings in 6.

Chelios is looking every bit of his 45 years out there. His falling down in the crease caused one goal, and his lack of speed is allowing lots of open shots.


So, can Buffalo win a game? Hell, after the performance last night, the question becomes: "can they get a shot off?"


Buffalo in 12!


Buffalo in 13!


Uh....Wings in 7?


I feel that the Senators will bring back the cup to Canada in 6 or less.
The Wings looked scattered on the power play (5 on 3) and you're right about Chelios.
He needs to take a long rest. I don't know about the Wings. It's anyone's series.

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