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Let 'em have it...with noooooo problem!!!


Egads. That thing looks like a giant microsoft mouse.


It must be ego (or a small penis) if we're not missing part of the story. If the taxpayers were on the hook for a higher percentage or any cost overruns, I'd saying that he was suckering the city into increasing the value of his franchise.

Mr. Clio

And why is the Sacredome completely enclosed?

Ever seen a church with hole in the roof?

Er, well I guess the Dome did have a hole in the roof for a little while in '05. But we fixed that. Dallas never fixed theirs.

Cousin Pat

A billion dollars is a little on the high end. But stadiums cost money, and so do gigantic jumbotrons, measured in tons, hanging from the ceiling.

If I wanted to watch the game on TV, I wouldn't go to the stadium.

But, as a Georgia Bulldog fan who mourns the future closing of the west end zone at Sanford Stadium (they closed the east end zone long ago), I must say that the open end zones thing with this billion dollar monster are pure genius.

Too bad they don't have an actual view...then it might justify the price tag.

And speaking of feetball, the idea of eating bear before a certain game in December went over incredibly well with the season ticket holders at the burrito stand....



If our Saints do play a certain team this season, there will be Dirty Bear Gumbo to consume at the Starlight.

I'm not sure how to make a sacrificial dish for the Cowboys game. *has bad thoughts*


Whup-hide gumbo!

Barring that, I'd go for something involving beef jerky.


Jerry Jones is a...

a) fruitbat
b) fuckmook
c) fruitmook
d) fuckbat
e) all of the above

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