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I hesitate to characterize Mr. Baum's most excellent work as a "blog", for the simple reason that to do so would leave my buddy Wet Bank with some serious competition as King of the NOLA Blogosphere. (Not to worry, Prof, you're still #1 when it comes to attitude, and New Orleans with 'tude is an idea whose time has come!)

For this purpose, then, we will define a "blog" as an online column that has a feature allowing us miserable peons to leave comments. A similar column with no such comment feature shall be known as a "journal". In fact, Baum's is indeed titled "New Orleans Journal".

Blog, journal, read it anyway. It is the prose equivalent of one of those huge seafood po'boys!


I don't want to be gross, but after seeing that picture, I went to bed and had a had a nocturnal emission.


Count me in for meeting at Parkway.

As a recent transplant, I need to get indoctrinated.

Are we keeping meeting places/dates/times in a common area at all? We had a wiki at one point for Rising Tide.


Must. Have. Po' Boy.

Ham and swiss please and drag that baby through the garden.

Parkway it is!


If it works, I can put up a "Parkway Geek Invasion" page on the ThinkNOLA.

It's a tricky weekend being Jazz Fest and all, so I'd propose Friday, either lunch or dinner, since that's the day that a lot of us working stiffs won't be able to make it to the fest anyway. Although hosting any event opposite Dr. John is usually a bad idea.


My flight lands at 4, so my vote goes for dinner. but by all means, don't schedule this around me! If that time isn't best for people, no worries.


Oy, I won't be able to make it Friday. I'll be soloing like a madwoman at JazzFest Shabbat at my synagogue.

Lookin' like a raincheck for moi, dammit...


Enough with the two-week planning. Are y'all saying you can't mack the po' boy twice in one month?

My one nemesis is out of town, the other doesn't read this blog. I'm up for going *tonight*, 7-ish. Whoever reads, reads.


Can't tonight, we're having birthday dinner at Manale's for my own, spouse.


I'm gonna be at Zephyr Field, if their weather bubble holds up.


We were at the Parkway Friday night, but Betts didn't want their sausage po'Boys and we went to Shaggy's instead (Banks St., about 4 blocks lakeside from Carrollton).

My Po'Boy was very good though.


richard gere wetten dass
delete plz

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