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Dude, with your repeat recollections of music glories past, I have to ask: did you ever meet Lydia Lunch? I was so influenced by one of her books back in the day[ ]
but as a performer I found her alternately boring and insufferable. Until she sang. She could sing.

Anyhow, I have a friend who loves such stories, and since you had the Donita tale, and now Tom, seemed a logical query.


I like Aaron's "I can't go back to New Orleans because the air bothers my asthma" excuse.

Meanwhile he continues to use the city's reputation to promote his music...

"My profile and the profiles of my brothers have been raised by the storm. People all over the world see us as the face of New Orleans. They want to hear us play. They want to feel that we've survived the storm. They want to be assured that life goes on."

Only the strong...

R. Eustis

Hells yeah RATM.

So much fun...


In high school I saw RATM play in Chicago. They did not. stop. playing. for probably over two hours. No pauses, no talking... just nonstop rock. It was unlike any show I'd ever seen. Afterwords I picked up some leaflets about Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Voices in the Wilderness campaign to end sanctions in Iraq (remember when that was all we were worried about?). I credit that show with opening my eyes to social injustices.

I wonder how many other young people have been inspired by their music. I'm so glad to see that they're still fighting the good fight...


Love the collection~Glad you were able to re-group, every once in awlhie I have to go into shut down mode myself just to breathe, catch up and re-define my priorities. I always feel so much better afterwards :)


Hey Megan, I just had someone email and say they saw my stuff on your site so I had to come see! That's a great shot of Cohen's oernmnat. I should have you come take all my photos for me! The color combo on Cohen & Luke's was one of my favorite this year. Hope you have a blessed 2011!

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