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And then on the other hand, there's me.....who's never cared that NASCAR doesn't care that I don't care. LOL


That is a lovely piece of writing. I can't stand NASCAR now, but I can understand the draw that used to be.


I listened to the last NASCAR race on MRN radio with the TV sound off and enjoyed myself more than I can remember. It cuts the perception that there are so many advertisements because the ads on TV and radio don't sync and it's easy to tune out the radio ads and watch the race when there are images of the cars racing. MRN is on 106.7 in NOLA - the announcers are old school Dick Bergeron-types, not TV personalities spouting catch phrases and nonsense in equal measures.

Dr. A

Pretty surreal that something that started out with guys who souped up their cars to outrun the revenoo-ers has come to this!
Loved the link to your older post about your dad and NASCAR. I have a dad who loves cars too, but didn't become aware of NASCAR until all the commercialization and my sister marrying a good ole boy who is really into NASCAR. I inherited the leadfoot gene from dad and prefer to drive rather than watch driving.

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