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This is just me talking, but I learned my soufflé technique from Julia Child via my mom, and over the years I've gotten pretty la-di-da about it -- in the sense that I no longer work like I'm handling plutonium. And I've yet to have one fall. Shirley Corriher says soufflés are tougher than you think, and I agree.

As long as you fold your egg whites with respect, you're good to go.


BERG-in training, ey? That means we get to help with a track name -- or has one already been chosen?

Commanders is the place for a Sazerac -- I agree. Never cared for that team service approach though. It's sometimes overrated (and that's reflected in reviews), but generally consistent. I mean, you wouldn't expect to ever be completely disappointed at Commanders. It's just that they have so much more competition than used to be the case.

ashley Morris

Sorry, Schroeder. We have chosen the perfect name, complete with backstory, and no, it isn't Mrs. FYYFF. Details will follow when she's "christened" or whatever.


I appreciate your experience because it seems like people who've been around a while get off on being able to say, "I didn't think it was all that great," when I've been dazzled every single time. Maybe eating like that still isn't mundane enough for me to be harsh, but there are certainly some fancy places I've enjoyed more than others. I think they do a hell of a job making you feel special even if you're a schlub like me, and even though it's a pretty highbrow place, they're not above sharing a laugh and having actual fun. Other cities that have a "fancy" spot tend to act like being jovial would detract from the stuffiness of the joint, and I'm thrilled that we don't have that problem here.


I ate there last week in the cypress tree room after cocktails in the courtyard. No complaints at all.


Well, I LIKE Mrs. FYYFF as a persona. So there.

Happy belated birthday to your better half!

Banzai Bill

Yeah you right....

Happy Birthday to the Mrs.



Happy birthday to Mrs Morris.

But, I gotta say, it's difficult to even imagine better rabbit than Brigtsen's. That musta been TASTEE!

Dr. A

všechno nejlepší k narozeninám! Late wishes from us to Hanna!
(Hope I can trust the internet translator!)

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