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Editor B

That last line killed me.


Bart: Him, and John Vanbiesbrouck.

mark c

at least he said we were not to blame for the shuttle o-ring failure.


How does an idiot like that get out of kindergarten, much less purchase an airline ticket?


WTF is wrong with that guy? Are we supposed to think it is just so darned cute to have to buy new tickets to games every time he comes into town. And who the hell has enough money to buy replacement tickets to the SB like it is merely a tippence, a minor inconvenience?

So let me get this straight, you are a bumbling idiot, with the good fortune to get tickets to the superbowl 3 times in N.O. yet you screwed up, and blame the city.

At least my hatred of Houston is reasonable. I lived there for 2 years trying to make it work.


Sucks that he got his tickets stolen on Bourbon. I'd have loved to recommend some other parts of the city (or even the french Quarter) for him to visit.

Beyond that incident and the scalper which, let's be honest, probably happens in every Super Bowl city, I don't see how much of the other stuff was the fault of Nawlins. It seems like he is equating all this unrelated stuff to the city which doesn't speak to how much of a critical thinker he is.

I think a lot of people hate the city because they just don't get it. Some people tend to initially dislike what they don't understand or what appears foreign to them. It is some sort of defense mechanism against what might be foreign to their sensibilities.

Why he chose to pop this story out there does interest me. Must have been a slow news day in Mansfield?


Well I guess I'm contrary once again. I think ya'all need to lighten up. If you inserted any other city's name in the story, you'd be chuckling. Plus I think many of his humorous (?) points are highly interpretive.

I'm having a good day so I guess I don't feel as defensive as usual. :)


Well, we ARE talking about someone that pimps out the celebration of being married for 20 years as an excuse to watch a football game.

Speaks to his character no?


If only I could have been the one to puke on his wife...


Doh - Varg! If I could MOVE my anniversary to Feb. just to have the chance to celebrate it at THE superbowl, I would.

Richard P.

I never have liked/rooted for ANY Boston sports team and I never will.


What a douchebag.


The Saints shall destroy his beloved team and Supa Saint will barf on his wife in celebration.


Thank you for responding to that idiot. I am so sick of friends who should know better telling me that they are scared to visit me in Pointe Coupée Parish because of the news out of New Orleans. And when I remind them that New Orleans, similar to LA, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, is a CITY with urban social problems, then they finally realize that there is no reason to fear. Goveia is a Jindal plant who wants to ensure that New Orlenas fails, so that Jindal and others can win office off of the backs of the poor and the disenfranchised. These Republicans are vey sick and dangerous people. They will do anything to win an election. Anything.


Fuck Mr. Bill, not the SNL Mr. Bill. He has a wickedly fine sense of humor. This asshole should be flattened by a Mannheim steamroller. Fuck this fuckmookaroo.


Didja know that the real Mr. Bill is a New Orleanian? It's true! Well, his human creators are, anyway, or from Metry, which is close enough.

Come to think of it, he'd make a fine mascot for postdiluvian N.O.: he's colorful, flexible, and most of all, no matter how much crap Brown, uh, I mean Sluggo, throws at him, he's always ready for more by next Saturday night!

Oh, and he's already on top of the Perfesser's admonition to "wear more purple"! It would, however, be interesting to see how he'd approach a duck po'boy...


Yes, KamaAina, I did know that Mr. Bill comes from NOLA. I like your idea for Mr. Bill as mascot. Resilient and flexible!


With no disrespect toward those with cognitive disabilities, I hereby pronounce Mr. Gouveia to be "wicked retahded".

Now you know why those of us from the rest of New England use the term "Masshole". In this case, you can just drop the "M"!

This is why we need to get the Super Bowl Back: just so the Pats can make it, and he'll have to come back.

Oh, and he does not have all the vowels in his name. "A, E, I, O, U, *and sometimes Y*". I do not see a Y in there. And his middle name is obviously "Fuckmook", so no Y there, either, so there!


I wrote him as soon as I mailed the article out to the NOLA bloggers. Apparently, Mr. Vowels has been to other parts of the city but didn't bother to write about that. He also told me to lighten up because it's a lighthearted travel piece. I replied back telling him not to get his journalism jollies at our expense.

The people more retarded than him are his editors, that they would allow such crap to be printed as journalism.

Sea Bass

I don't think you need to have the reading comprehension ability of a doctorate of English to understand that Mr. Vowels (which is hysterical I might add) is not bashing the city of New Oleans!!! He's simply writing about a string of bad luck he's had during his travels there. I wholly understand that New Orleans was struck by a natrual disaster of monumental proportions, but this is a lighthearted column in a regional newspaper, not an accusation that god cast Katrina upon your city as a sign of his wrath, or anything like that. It's ironic the same people who find this columnist's article to be unwarrented, slanderous, and inappropriate respond with things like: "The Saints shall destroy his beloved team and Supa Saint will barf on his wife in celebration", "This asshole should be flattened by a Mannheim steamroller. Fuck this fuckmookaroo." That's some highly enlightening commentary, let me tell you. Oh, and props to the guy who figured out that "masshole" is a play on the words Massachusettes and asshole. Your powers of intuition are keen, the force is strong with you. In summary, LIGHTEN UP!


Sea Bass,

New Orleans was *NOT* struck by a *natural* disaster. Pay attention, mook. And, at the very fucking least, learn how to spell the name of our beloved city.


"He also told me to lighten up because it's a lighthearted travel piece."

I received the same response when I wrote to the author. Guess he's using a form letter.

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