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I'm not so sure that it will be the Bears that we must devour in the NFC Championship game. I'm thinking it may be those pesky Panthers. Regardless, on Dec. 30, if it is Bear we must eat, then Bear it will be. I can't wait. Tell Chef Who Dat to get the fire started.


You throw the party and I'll make my Dirty Bear Gumbo.



I've been racking my brain for years trying to remember the name of that restaurant. My grandpa LOVED to go there when he was in town. I can remember being 17 and tickled pink that they had bear on the menu, then. 6 degrees of ashley morris.


I don't care WHO happens to be in the way, even if the bears are 1-14 when we meet them - they are getting stomped. Payback's a bitch.


Fuck da' bears fans who are/were their finest assholes.


At least we get the Panthers home-and-home. The three bast NFC teams last were the Saints, Seattle and Chicago. I know that things never stay the same from one year to the next, but theoretically those are the two teams we'll be competing with for home field advantage in the playoffs. It sucks having to play both of them on the road. Of course, I expect Chicago to fold, but if the Saints can't stop the run it won't matter.

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