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You're so fucking sexy when you get militant.


my nipples are hard.

Post-capitalism...that's good. But I also think fascism will suffice...or Post-Constitution.

I'm all for the pitchfork method.


Sinn Fein has the IRA. We need the ICRA: the Irish Channel Republican Army.

(That's republican as in "République d'Orleans", not to be confused with anything having to do with elephants.)


Sexy, hard nipples.....oooooh! where's the action? I wanta watch.

Mr. Clio

Irish Channel Republican Army.

That has legs.


I just posted a flag at my blog that I think you're gonna want. Perhaps I'll make a dress out of one for Bastille Day.

Independent Nation of Louisiana is starting to sound more and more like the best idea. Although NOINL doesn't have quite the same ring to it as NOLA does.


Okay, and another thing: From the article "His base salary was $666,667". Did they put that 7 on the end to avoid any comparisons to the Beast by the Revelations devotees?

As always, just sayin'.

G Bitch

Pitchforks, Molotov cocktails, cast iron skillets and slingshots--I'm ready.

You'll need more than the Irish Channel in that army.....


One has to be seriously blind to think that NOLA.COM was ayinhntg legit for New Orleans. NOLA.COM is the most corrupt propaganda machine that I have ever seen in the state of Louisiana. La. state already has a biased and horrible media but NOLA.COM just took the King Cake and the baby! The articles were planted, the writers are hired based on their ignorance (real or selective) of what is really news worthy in the area of New Orleans, the user names that didn't promote a hateful, corporate and corrupt agenda were deleted or banned and the site offered nothing of facts since it was created. It is state owned and not a free press. NOLA.COM was the main reason that so many citizen reporters and blogger sprang up in New Orleans after Katrina.Even as of today, if a citizen post about any form of corruption, happening in a Parish involving these good ole boys NOLA.COM blocks the user for life but yet one can go onto NOLA.COM and hold a Ku Klux Klan rally with relative ease!


I enjoyed some of Seagals moievs from long ago. However, a Lawman in 2009??? It's obvious he is gossly over weight and in this new show, you can tell the producers try not to show him in profile and mostly film him from the chest up perhaps trying to hide his big gut. Maybe it's part of his contract not to show his gut. I saw him on a Late Night talk show and he wore a black, thick leather coat and constantly kept his arms over his bloated stomach as if he could hide it. For goodness sake, if he's a martial art expert, why can't he lose the weight??? And those other cops on Lawman are so wimpy and all talk (including Seagal)like black street gang members. There's nothing worse than white guys trying to talk like black guys It's an insult to African Americans!!! Seagal, lose the weight, talk like a white guy and lose the show it's stupid as you are not a real cop nor are you black!!! Give us a break!!!!

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