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Ray were hanging out in L7's dressing area? And the best thing you remember is Dirnt's new teeth?


Sorry...but I do have stories about Girlschool.


Wow! It's like Woodstock, only with advertisements everywhere and tons
of security guards.
--Lisa Simpson


I keep forgetting how cool Ashley was, back in the day.


I know. I keep having to remind you.


At least, Sadow didn't call you a poindexter...


I think they took care of the ugly attack ads with the anti-Breaux adds before the man even considered running. Shows how much consideration they have for his decades of service to the state.


Sadow is clearly an underacheiver, and he takes pleasure at resorting to racial stereotypes when dismissing NOLA. Nothing he pens is based on empirical research, and everything he types is a paraphrase of talking points issued to him by Jindal and the RNC in Washington, DC. That he will do anything in order to have a taste of power is frankly disgusting. Moreover, his lack of a more expansive vocabulary reveals he is unfit for real social science research. Instead of abusing the tax dollars from peoplee he considers "dysfunctional" that fund his salary, he should consider resigning and applying for a job with Roger Villere. That my money funds this man's garbage factory enrages me to know end.

I call for his ouster.



A reckless journalist at The Daily Reveille did not respond well to my criticism of his editorial. You can see the details here:

By the way, I link to your diary, as I too have little to no tolerance for Sadow.


Point Coupee, I like the Daily Kingfish a lot. Much better than that wanna be drudge thingy.


Ashley hanging with Green Day! You continue to amaze me. So where's the pics? Or do we need to photoshop you with Billy Joe?




No pix, sorry. Althought I do have one of me and my pals with L7 backstage at Tips. If I can find it, I'll scan it.

ann egan

Pointcoupee: "Annoys you to know end?" Obviously you are in no position to criticize anyone else's word selection. Stop being lazy, the word is getting around. Your big words are a pathetic attempt to cover up your weak arguments. You are obviously a deeply insecure, young man.

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