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I haven't finished my coffee yet and I see the mouth!


You could fit a Zamboni in there, no?


Ugh!! Horror! Not the pick-me-up I was looking for this morning.


I have a friend who has the hugest crush on her. He bought a cookbook she wrote just because her picture was on the front. He does not cook.

"EVOO" makes me cringe.


I saw an episode of "$40 A Day" where she was in Puerto Rico and she was made up to look like a grinning orange. The makeup job was so godawful it was great.


A fucking Zamboni! Can you arrange that? Very timely & hilarious.


I don't want her to cook for me, but I wouldn't mind sampling her cookies:


She's done a $40 show on New Orleans, antediluvian. Problem is, she loves everything she puts in that cavernous slop-bucket of hers.

Other than being annoyingly omnipresent, she seems genuinely decent, for teevee anyway.


Every single thing she puts in her pie hole seems to bring her to the throes of orgasm.

Ray: problem is, at some point she'll talk, and that would ruin it. Also, she has saddlebags like a 1949 Indian.

Marco: the Zamboni reference was just for you. I got hockey playoffs and Italian heritage in one fell swoop.


she'd make a great model for a muppet!!


I happen to *like* saddlebags.


Zamboni: another stroke of genius from the Fess! I'd like to see another edition of NHL playoff analysis after the 1st round.
What did Tony Bourdain say about the San Diego Chicken? I think it applies to some of those pix Ray of NO likes of Rachel bakin'cookies or makin' bacon.


She came here and didn't have a beer until dinner and that was a $6 Abita. Bullshit. I could have eaten and gotten a buzz on $40.

"Now, I have 3.50 to get a buzz on! Wait, there's a sign that says 'Huge Fucking Beers' for $3! I can tip the bartender .50 and go home!"


I saw that $40-a-day show too. I make it a rule never, ever to watch Ms. EVOO, but I really needed an N.O. fix (this was right before my trip in Jan.).

Imagine my chagrin when Her Perkiness took us on a streetcar ride to view the fabulous architecture along St. Charles *Street*!! Even from 4,000 miles away, you may have heard a distant wailing of "Avenue, you stupid fuckmook! St. Charles *Avenue*!"

Now ask yourself this: Would even she have been so dumb as to give a tour of New York's "Park Street"? Or SF's "Market Avenue"?


Her parents are the Joker and Mrs. Bilbo Baggins.


My brother once sent me a text message that said only this: "Rachael Ray is my soul mate... she just doused her fried catfish in louisiana hot sauce."

True story. He's got the puppy love for R-Ray.

gentilly rick

to friggin' funny. man i needed a smile today.

by the way she is hot in a very dawn brown way.

mmmmmmmmmm.............dawn brown............


Little known fact: she can un-hinge her jaw and swallow suckling pigs whole. It's true, I've seen a grainy video that proves it.


So. I came over here expecting to read about Clarence Brown.


huh said "suckling".


Here's a photo of Ms. Ray before she had her teeth fixed.


Ohhh, she's the $40 girl? That's why someone said they saw her at Cafe Beignet at some point.

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