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bitch is too kind.


Sad thing is, the trooper probably saved her life. Driving 100 mph on the shoulder is a one way ticket to a fatal accident.

Had he "known who she was," he probably would have just let her kill herself.


My first reaction was that this behavior was a cry for help. H-M needs some serious couch time.


She's just dumber than a bag of hammers.

Donnie McDaniel

That woman is crazy! Why did they not cuff her if they thought it was serious as they said? Blue lights and badge aside, who the hell drives like that in the police force when not on a high speed chase? I know cops speed, but that shit is pure stupid.


Yeah, her head's so big, they should have known it was her during the car chase.


She references that she usually has a driver. I hope he's not on the city payroll too.


Read the story bigshot, he is on the city payroll. I'm sure she usually prefers not to have him drive her since he probably refuses to go 100 mph to get to an "urgent" FEMA meeting. FEMA has done what quickly, exactly? She's going to end up killing one of her constituents driving the way she is, I hope they at least voted for her.


Councilmembers get SUV's with flashing lights?


I'm with MAD: the woman needs some time on the couch. I can refer her to a good therapist...


Fuck her, refer ME to a good therapist. And somebody who can write scrips.


How the hell much are "drivers" for city council members costing us tax payers.....what a crock of shit. And who the hell cares who she is other than a PUBLIC SERVANT with a job at OUR descretion. Get real, Cynthia.


As usual you have done a nice job reporting the local maerkt stats Lisa. I like the look of your site. It is well done..bravo!.-= Bill Gassett s last blog .. =-.

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