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Baby, we do these things because we must, and the fact that we believe in the reason for our cause.

I'm going to be 80 when the loans are paid off. I have to live that long to be able to provide the gift of the Compound to my community. I really don't wish to live to 80... life at 50 with my health probs is enough crap. I can't imagine what it'll be like in 30 years.

We are all Human Beings, and one of the hallmarks of being Human is that we do believe, and we have hope, and we'll work our tails off to make things right.

Let's prove the mooks wrong.

Editor B

We do what we can. That's all we can do!

(Like I keep telling Xy, though, it's just a *walk*, not a march.)


Moreso than my generation, I keep grieving for my parents' generation and my kids' generation. My parents because *THIS* is what it appears bulk of the rest of their lives will be; although they're both in good health, I can't see this city "recovering" such that life is "normal" within a decade. My kids' because they've been of high school/middle school age for this ordeal--my oldest son will have memories of high school that include a sophmore, junior, and senior year spent going to classes in trailers without the cafeteria, gymnasium, and the rest of the campus life that most students get to have, and with a third of the student body scattered to the winds.


We're a generation defined by tragedy, from 9/11 to Katrina. We're not unlike the other generations defined by Vietnam, defined by WWII, defined by famine. It isn't new to be defined by tragedy, it's simply different, and how we respond is how we'll be remembered. The generation who fought in WWII is known as the "greatest generation" for their bravery and their sacrifices in doing what had to be done despite huge losses suffered. Let's be defined by our brave and resourceful response to this tragedy in lifting our city and our state from the straits we find them in.

And Brocato's is delicious.


Don't forget to tip my daughter at Broacatos. Ida,she is the smart mouth behind the counter.


She definitely is. Last time I saw her there, it went like this.

R: Are you Ida?

I: Yeah.

R: I'm friends with your mom.

I: I'm so sorry!

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