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What parts did you not agree with? Which of the options for bullet #3 did you prefer?

I mostly just wanted to get people thinking and start a dialog.

What do you think?


Ever since the the Flood I've been afraid that shrinking the city's footprint might become a reality at least for the next several years. I can't see any way beyond this solution in light of how slowly rebuilding dollars are getting into the hands of the people.

I do like the annexation idea. Though each Parish has it's own needs and worries, all of us down here have the same BIG problem, and that is Coastal Restoration. Having a true Greater New Orleans would give all of the area a bigger voice and clout than going at it as separate entities.


The annexation idea would require placating quite a few egos. It would be tricky. A lot of the suburbanites left New Orleans to escape the crime/corruption/poverty/blacks (White Flight)/etc.

In order to get them back into the fold, the balance of political power would probably have to rest in the 'burbs (ex.- most of the city council seats). New Orleans would probably have to settle with 2 out of 7 seats.

I said I was neutral between the three, but I'm now leaning towards the divorce idea. Chop the city up into little pieces. Think about how well the various community groups have served their respective communities. Broadmor, ACORN, etc. have all fought harder for their residents than ANY politician at any level.

cousin pat from georgia

Annexation would cause far, far more problems than it would solve, as suburbanites either flee further out or start siphoning (more) money from Orleans into the suburbs.

The divorce idea is interesting, but it would have to be handled in a very, very organized fashion to keep from completely fragmenting the already fragile system of government, and causing an absolute scramble for limited resources.

That's also already started to happen with entities like the Garden District Police and New Orleans Private Patrol serving as law enforcement supplements to Uptown.


Divorce would work for things like services, but for existing hard infrastructure, it would pose mountainous problems.



It depends upon how the levels of local governments and a Commission-based "City Hall" were balanced.

It'll be a Socialist-Democratic critter, but it could work.


As that staunchly non-New Orleans musician, Tammy Wynette, might say, "D-I-V-O-R-C-E". It's starting to grow on me. Algerines, for one, were agitating for it even in the antediluvian era. (How may points do I get for using 'antediluvian' in a sentence?)

So, you use the river and the Industrial Canal as natural boundaries. Rater than "amputating limbs to save the body", the areas east of the canal could use their relatively undeveloped state as a selling point. "America's newest city is also one of its most historic".

The working name for the new city is "Bienville", both honoring he what started it all, and meaning "fine city" in French. It would have much of the parish's industrial base, as well as, presumably, the region's most enlightened CTO.

That leaves only the problem of keeping one Jacqueline B. Clarkson away from power in an independent Algiers...

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