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Whoo boy. Feel better. Watch out for the kids - they truly become cute lil' Typhoid Marys once they start school.

And of all those pictures, the one with Madam FDE fits the best. The color of your face needs to change, though...

I keep wondering if they'll let her put FDE on her skimpy costume someplace if she becomes a Saintsation.


Yeah, but can she dance?

Anyway, I don't live anywhere near N.O. My kids have had ear tubes, tonsils out, and a sinus lavage (ew). I've had strep throat twice and pneumonia. So it probably is all the germs from preschool. This is the first year I haven't had a myriad of respiratory illnesses and they are in 3rd/5th grade now.

And get your butt to the doctor soon!

Editor B

Get well soon. I too would hold out for a doctor appointment.


Screw the ER. No friggin' way. It's the time of year. We just went through a round of sickness, and everyone I talk to has had someone in their family come down with one form of crap or another. Hang in there and drink lots of the Kool-aid!


I have lived here in New Orleans for four years and have seen no significant rise in sickness than I experienced in San Diego.

But stay out of DC!


Ashley, it's true re:kids in school. It seems I've been sick on and off since my grandson started school in August. I go to his school usually once a week, then miss two with something I picked up there as all the kids have some "thing" they seem to just keep passing around. Feel better and know that your immune system will out by the time they hit, oh, 9 or so. Mine did with my daughter, now I'm just doing it again.


It's definitely the kids; this kind of thing isn't confined to New Orleans. Get used to it, that's your lot in life for the next 17 years. You can especially plan on getting sick every September after the kids start school and start swapping summer vacation germs with each other.


You need to get another tie, You're wearing the same one in all of the pictures.


You need to get another tie, You're wearing the same one in all of the pictures.


Why are you looking at Brittney's head? I mean the cleavage...


Get thee to a doctor!

ashley Morris

Update: the ear tube surgery went fine, and the doc found all kinds of gunk in there. She'll be a happy camper and her speech will get where it should be since it won't sound like she's underwater any more.

And yep, I gots pneumonia. The doc put me on major league antibiotics, gave me a shot, and said if I have trouble breathing, get thee to an ER. Besides, she said, her husband works there.

Mr. Clio

Wait a minute! Do I detect a spouse reading your blog?


Glad you're on the big meds. This winter has been the worst for this shit as far back as I can remember, which on some days is not a very long time. I think you shine more with waifs and cooter flashers that with polyticians. They bring out the ultra-manliness in you.


My girl's ears were infected from the time she hit 2 months to 16 months. She never spoke. When it was determined she wasn't hearing, we had the tubes put in. She started speaking within a month. She also has had only one more infection since, and that was they day the tubes happened to be coming out.

Mr. Clio

It troubles me that your hands are not visible in the pic with the FDE woman.


Go with eggs?


Glad the surgery went fine, that's good news.

Sorry about the pneumonia-- no cigars for you!

ashley Morris

Go with eggs, with cheese and green ham!

No cigars, no much of anything except hacking a lung out.

Yep, da wife does occasionally read the blog. She usually feels no obligation to comment, thank God.

Finally, yes, I'm staring at her cleavage. I know, it's supposed to be like looking at an eclipse: you glance briefly then turn away. But hey...

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