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Mr. Clio

Well, that did get reported to the media, because Channel 6 (and Yahoo) had it splashed all over their web pages.

Trust me: Loyola is too clueless to have that kind of control over the police OR the media.

I can't much argue with the gist of your post, though, bra.

I loved Syrian, BTW.


God Almighty, my head is spinning and the anger is welling up. And all because of that nasty golem called Money. True ee-vil, indeed.

Steve MackQueen

Xavier is much more lucky. Its problems are never reported! Ask someone about what happened there last weekend.


So let's storm the Bastille.


Ya know if we wanted to do a march against Nagin's corruption, Bastille day wouldn't be a bad choice and "Storm the Bastille" wouldn't be a bad slogan either.


- The local government is actively hurting us, the state government is passively hurting us, and the federal government is trying to Biafra us.

That's so frikkin' on the mark man.

I still think Sinn Fein starts in New Orleans. Maybe I drank too much of the Kool Aid in my American History classes....but I still believe we can turn this whole fucking thing around.

Maybe marching doesn't work...but marching with pitchforks may.


After 19 freakin' months of post-Flood Hell, we should storm the Three Bastilles: City Hall, the State Office and the Federal Building.


the first thing we need to storm is ACE


We hold Rising Tide II on the 14th and 15th, and the next day have a 15,000+ person march.

Now that would be a shit-storm.

G Bitch

March, smarch--a full-out armed revolution led by brass bands and some bulldozers.


G, don't forget the M. cocktails.... it's time for some parity in this town.

(Did I just type that? Guess so...)

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