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All FReepers are fuckmooks by definition, wheter or not they live in Houston. As we discovered during the Fabulous Football Fiasco, fuckmooks are pretty much everywhere these days. I hear there may even be a few in our beloved New Orleans (*cough*Nagin*cough*Meffert*cough*Cowen*cough*).

I generally make it a rule never to follow a link to FR, lest my computer catch fire or something -- but that was instructive. More than one of the mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers compared displaced New Orleanians (unfavorably) to illegal aliens, implying that on some level, they really don't believe New Orleans is part of America. Sinn Fein.

As it happens, all this NOLA blogosphere stuff started for me at a site that is pretty much the anti-FR: where Mr. Wet was posting at the time. So this sort of completes a circle for me...


As one of those professionals who had the misfortune of living in Houston for a period of time: thanks for the Einstein Bagels and the Diedrich's coffee...and that's pretty much it. No thank you for 1 hour commutes inside city limits, whether by surface street or highway, no thank you for not being to walk across a street (you have no choice but to drive everywhere), no thank you for rude residents and no thank you for the continuous line of a concrete horizon that stretches from 70 miles east of Houston to Katy. No thanks.


Someone who lived in Houston said that he went from his air conditioned car through indoor garages and up into offices that were air conditioned year round. No fresh air at all year round. That's says a lot about Houstonians.


I will state that the Montrose District was very good to us, but that's Queer Houston, not the Delay freaks and the cross-waving hordes.

The rest of Houston I can gladly nuke...

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