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Aaah, crud. Not that it wasn't entirely unexpected, but hey, at least we got the dude on a float...


Noooooo! Heart attack going on here. Nooooo!


I hate to be the dissenter here but Joe's getting a little long in the tooth for a pro football player, isn't he? He's 35, after all. Also how well can he adjust to not being the MAN?


I expected this only due in part to his age and more to his constant injuries and lack of playing time last season. He was due a big chunk of change and really hasn't contributed much since about the middle of last season. That said, he's a great guy who enjoys a good touchdown phone call, but his value to the team has been so diminished.


I wouldn't mind seeing him back at a reduced salary. Loomis left that possibility open.


I expected it, I always wondered why they had signed a 6 year deal at his age. I think he will probably get picked up somewhere, if not we might have a chnce to get him back.

I must not have been paying atention I did not know that joe and sean had a problem can anyone confirm ,


I heard Joe on the radio a few days before they released him and then he had that press conference, it was two different guys talking.


He went from "I will not take a pay cut" on Monday to "Of course I would have taken a pay cut" on Thursday.

My analysis: Loomis offered Horn a 2 year deal, probably something like $2.5-3M a year guaranteed, with incentive clauses out the ying yang. Joe said he thought he could do better. Mickey said, I'll give you a release, the offer is still on the table, and we'd love to have you back.

With Horn, you have to use incentive clauses, because he's old and at this point, an injury risk.

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