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We saw Cowen yesterday. He was driving very slowly in his Lexus SUV. We first noticed his Tulane 1 plate and after we passed him, it was your favorite mook.

Richard P.

The main problem with Cowen is exactly how he's been all about spin, cover-up, secrecy, and, essentially, deception.

For example, back in 2003, after making numerous appearances at football games and leading people to believe that he's such the "big fan," it turned out that he was working furiously behind the scenes to discontinue Tulane as a Div. 1-A program. But then they about-face again and stay in D-1A and again with relatively little explanation of their reasoning or process. He should have a.) stuck to his guns, if indeed he had valid reasons, and taken Tulane out of D-1A regardless of kicking and screaming or b.) candidly explained to the world what happened to make him come to believe that his alleged initial analysis that D-1A was not the place to be was wrong. To this day he's never answered the question of what exactly is his personal philosophy on that.

He leads everyone to believe he's right in their corner and then pulls some surprise and he's done this on a number of issues.

No one can ever know where they stand with such a person.


How about piano wire?

Ahem, BTW, there's the matter of a certain seersucker suit painted by Cowen fans at a Tulane football game that might come in handy for something someday.

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