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Being respectable has made you expansive as well.

I feel like your straight man. I gotta admit that while I think Midura is an improvement over Batty, she hasn't impressed me the times I've seen her in action.


So Obama's trying to make up for that Saints crack, huh? Save us a billion dollars and I'll think about it.


Empathy gap. I like that.


Did Joe say the Falcons "made him whole" the way Morten did?

He's also the new Hebert or the new Heyward or all the ex-Saints who make us pay as Falcons.


Is anyone else offended by Chuck Schumer referring to the Walter Reed situation as the Katrina of 2007? Or is it just me?

To me it really illustrates that the dems don't get it either.


Adrastos: She's done a good job with fighting the mooks from Walgreens. She's the impetus behind the ethics watchdog. She is responsive to constituents. In my book, she's the biggest improvement yet. Perhaps if you were in her district, you'd feel differently.

She doesn't have the powerful loud personality that some bloggers enjoy, but she is effective.

I think you should publish a report card for all the council members. Give Fielkow an "I".

Aaron: I still feel like backhanding him for his Saints retort.. That, or saying "Yeah, rebuild us, then I won't call you a bitch, bitch".

Jeffrey, you can't mention Heyward. I still think that Muncie and Heyward and Collins and all the other mooks that played like mooks when they were here, and then went someplace else and quit drinkin'/dopin' should pay us back their salary. Mooks.

I think Joe has 3 good over-the-middle hits left in him before retirement or disability. That's about it.

Seester: like I said many times here, there are no Dems, there are no Pubs. There are pro-SE LA pols, and terrorists. You're either for us, or you're for the terrorists.


Midura has a skillset applicable to business and diplomacy. She floored most comers at a Plimsoll Club luncheon in the Saudi ambassador's honor last year by giving a welcoming speech in Arabic. Contrast that to Willard-Lewis, who upon walking into the building asked me what the ambassador's name was.


"Is anyone else offended by Chuck Schumer referring to the Walter Reed situation as the Katrina of 2007? Or is it just me?"

On hearing that, I'm not only offended, I think I'm gonna be sick.


Nah. We had mold *and* Anderson Cooper.


Moratoriums suck.

At one point in the past the city had 200+ moratoriums, creating a whole new branch of legal studies, "Moratorium Law". this thicket of nearly permanent temporary restriction cause untold windfalls to the usual suspects for supplicants seeking waivers of the moratoriums.

I recall a former council actually publicly berating a citizen for not coming around for a "private meeting" first.

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