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After I got my sitemeter I voiced concern about hits from the Dept of Justice.....I was basically laughed at....go I guess it's no biggie. :)


So. **ahem** Since, you people throw beads at women, who are encouraged to show their tits, it is ALL YOUR FAULT that Katrina hit new orleans.

*** running away ***


The department of justice has never visited me, but shoe fetish people do. Hey, maybe the DOJ does visit...

ashley Morris


I threw no beads...I passed out bumper stickers, postcards, and stuffed animals to children.

I still wanna know why it was God's wrath for us being evil, but da quatah was spared...

And don't tell me 'bout the shoe people.


Because God loves Beignets. Obviously. Ooh, hey, that'd make a good t-shirt.


I guess the damn Dirty Coast T-shirt IS true - it's NOT beautiful being easy.

Donnie McDaniel


Just wait till you see some of the bizzare things coming in. DoJ, US Senate, US House of Reps, NASA, Pentagon, La. Law Enforcement etc...

After the serial killer was captured here, I posted on it. As soon as it made FAUX, I was hit with massive referals for the killer. Sick fucking FAUX creeps wanted to find out about the killer! Google searches came in enough to make for 500+ hits in one day. WTF is up with those wingnuts?


I have posted on this as well.

A Chris Rose shirt might have to happen soon if this keeps up.


This is the Dept of Justice. You have been photographed by many excellent photographers in da' stripes, drinking and having a good time. Either we or the Catholics will have to reign you in soon. So, you better party harder than ever. I'm sure you'll have no problem with that.
Rose naked? Whoa!


Uhhh, Rose naked? EWWWWW.


I'm cool ... fuck 'em ... but I don't want to lose my readership ... so wait ... I don't know ... *implode*


I you ask me the whole godamn thing is much ado about nothing. on both sides. Who gives a fuck about someone's thoughts about Chris Rose's thoughts on someone else's thoughts about a parade. there are killers free on the streets of New Orleans and we are nitpicking about how strongly someone defended or didn't defend a parade?


Dear DOJ and the Catholic Mafia...

"Bring it on.", (and please come naked. LOL)

karen b

well, my husband works for the DOD so I say this with complete conviction...fuck the DOJ and the DOD!


Varg gets the point, although I did like Maitri treating Rose like Kirk treated Norman.

Nothing to see here, evil overlords. Please move on.


The department of justice has never visited me, but shoe fetish people do.

They just want to tell you where you got your shoes.


I'm with Varg...who the hell cares what Rose says or doesn't say, does or doesn't do? I don't get why everyone is so surprised......he makes his money on popular opinion...whatever and whoever it is at the moment. Sheesh.


In Ancient Rome, February 13 and 14 was the festival of Juno Februa,
with means "Juno the purifier" or "the chaste Juno" and February 15
was Lupercalia, during which the noble youths and the magistrates ran
through the city naked, laughing and hitting people who got in their
way with shaggy thongs. Women of rank purposely got in their way,
believing that the pregnant would be helped in delivery, and the
barren would be helped to conceive, according to Plutarch. The
Festival of Lupercalia, the name of which might be connected to the
legendary wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus, was abolished by Pope
Gelasius I late in the Fifth century. He declared in 496 that the
feast of St. Valentine would be on February 14.

Maybe, Madhatter Rose got mixed up and thought it was Valentine's Day that you were celebrating.


Gee, thanks, Marco, for that visual of the "magistrates" of this town running about naked and slapping the happy thongs. Thank Juno this time we really DON'T C Ray all that much.

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