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That guy is badly in need of some tr and td tags. Or some blog software.


He's a CS PhD. You know how those types are.



You tell me where to buy a duck po-boy and I'm there.


Crabby Jacks on Jeff Hiway.


As soon as I'm done with Funroe,LA I'm there. Can't rush Funroe.

I have a blog. And a bag full of tr and td tags. But streetcar is supposed to be messy. Like hair.


Yeah, rub it in.

Ya know, some of us are folically challenged.



Alan Becerril - Jill, estan super chidas las fotos! I hope eetryvhing is going well for you. Congratulations to the new weds! It seems you guys had an AWESOME party!


- Hi my name is Kristie Sullens w/Save-An-Angel. I'm the one who found these adorable pups at the stehler. They were stuck in a back corner with no sunlight and no one to love them. It was heart breaking and our team agreed that we had to get them out of there. We called NOLA Lab Rescue and they agreed to take the pups, all we had to do was get them vetted & fostered, before they hitched a ride to Canada. At first I was nervous, we'd never transported dogs out of the country. Plus, they are so precious that it was almost impossible to let go. NOLA Lab rescue was amazing, and they patiently walked us through each step. All of the dogs did awesome at the vet. They are beyond cute during playtime. Always happy and able to keep themselves entertained. Seeing these INCREDIBLE photographs and knowing how much love they're receiving warms my heart. These puppies are SO sweet, SO cute & SO lovable they deserve every bit of good that is coming their way. PLEASE SHARE THESE PUPPIES WITH YOUR FRIENDS!! They will make excellent companions and any pack will be lucky to have them. Thank you Marcia for taking the time to photograph and network these dogs. You are truly talented and we're forever grateful for your kindness. Looking forward to happy updates soon!! xoxoxox


I love the rectangular photo pennadt- anything square or rectangular gets my vote-!I follow you on Twitter-will join Forum right now-Am I considered entered to win!? Hope so!!

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