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What a coincidence: D and I were just talking about moving somewhere (in one of our moments of love-hate relationship with NOLA) and we agreed on New Zealand. Let's set up a vineyard and a school - call it EhLaBas.


Lisa has voluminous data on moving there, and one of her students actually did it. I'm trying to convince da wife, but she a) thinks it's the edge of the world, and b) thinks that it's too far from her parents in Evropa. She's right about one of them.


This one looks like it might be as bad or worse than '69 Hurricane Camille. Hopefully, the worst will be property daamge and not loss of human life which in '69 was several hundred lives lost. New Orleans is 6 below sea level and the pumps holding back the Mississippi and Lake Pontecharain are OOOLD. Could be 20 or 30 foot deep if the sea surges into New Orleans. Glad all I have to put up with here in the midwest is tornados and blizzards.

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