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This attitude has been around from the beginning. They don't want to hear about the facts; they don't need facts. It is all about politics, not about an American city that has suffered. To the right, we deserved it and to the left, we are doomed by global warming. I have been fighting these people from the time I got electricity back after the storm and the only thing I have accomplished is that I have become a cynical, bitter person that hates what I thought was my own country. I have to let it go and look to New Orleans, my true country, for inspiration. People like you and Tim and the thousands of others like you that fight the fight to make a new New Orleans. Thank you for being my heroes.


It always pisses me off when someone supports the continuation of the Iraq War but doesn't support the rebuilding of New Orleans. Strange logic.


AM, I love your passion, but your violence-laden hyperbole can be a little scary. Cool it. Your strong defense against the ridiculous "you-deserved-it" argument is always welcomed, but you can do so without invoking violence as a rhetorical device.


MAD, you're right. But please, help me out.

What *can* we do to try to get through to them? I honestly can't think of anything at this point that may work.

G Bitch

Oh, no, MAD--after almost 2 years, violence is becoming the only rhetorical device we have left.

And I teach argument.


I have no easy answers, but maybe we need to ask ourselves what we are trying to accomplish with these replies. Are we trying to change the minds of these cretins? Are we trying to get solid information out there? Do we just want to rant to vent our emotions? Should we care what these people think?
I've never taught argument, but I have done my share of arguing in 60 years, effectively and otherwise. While timely and well-aimed vitriol is understandable and can be effective (I loved FYYFF), grossly intemperant and ill-advised remarks simply will not be persuasive, and may serve to deflect attention from the logic and moral certitude of one's position.


I read this post, hung a bathroom mirror, did some yardwork, thought about it, and I had to come back.

And MAD has beaten me to it. She's right, and Ashley, you know she's right. Because for the most part it's what you have been saying since I've read your site.

I hate to quote a pro wrestler but, "IT DOESN"T MATTER" what some assholes, think. It only matters that the city recovers. The folks who loved New Orleans pre-flood will love it post. Those who didn't, won't. I know because my dad is one of those people.

They can talk shit on the Internet until the Holstein cows come home. Let them. But if one of them forms an organization, or writes a letter to their representative, or scripts a letter to the editor of their local paper, then we should respond, with spleen if necessary.

Jerkys in Internet discussion groups aren't worth the time. They are looking for the fight and have no emotional investment. Half the fun is watching us get worked up.

In the by and by we should just focus on the getting the botched recovery and through their denials, rise up.

We don't need their blessings, we only need their taxes.

If they feel that strongly about it they can choose not to pay them.


If it's any consolation, you just had a tourist from "fuckmook Bawlmer", albeit by way of Conn., S.F., NYC, Hawai'i, and yes, years ago, Chicago, who took a couple of breaks from misbehaving to go meet with some community activists. I understand he even went to the Silence is Violence march!

Fuckmooks. I'll bet they're not really even from Bawlmer, but from one of its many suburban barnacles.

cousin pat from georgia

The ubiquitous "they" were warming up the funeral dirge for New Orleans before Katrina ever percolated in the Gulf Stream waters. The same storm hit Florida. How much have you heard of Katrina recovery there?

You don't, because America rebuilds Florida and the Carolinas every two years on average, and nothing but tragic headlines and heartwarming stories of recovery are carried over the national media.

I was asked by a co-worker the other day what they think about New Orleans 'back east.' I told her that pretty much anything I told her about what dominated the NOLA subject would make her angry. Every conversation about New Orleans - every single one - ends in an argument.



I've backed away and did some breathing exercises. Let me address this stuffs.

KamaAina, you know from reading this blog that I have a love/hate relationship with Bawlmer. However, most of my info about the city (and the county) come from David Simon and Laura Lippman. So that's about as honest and skewed as it comes. And you're right, they're probably from the county.

Cousin Pat, you (as most always) hit the nail on the head. Because we aren't an annual target of every tropical storm, but are instead hit rarely, we aren't on the collective conscience.

We relish how we're different from the rest of the country, and now we're being punished for it.

And Varg and MAD, you're right. I don't care if people like us or not. Obviously, from the tone of this blog from day 1, I don't really care if everybody likes *me* or not.

But I've never heard of people saying that part of their country should be allowed to lay fallow, to be abandoned. To me, that's treason. Especially if they convince others that they're right. And even more if they're in a position of authority (Dennis Hastert ring a bell) and continue to spew this stupidity.

When the REPRESENTATIVES are the ones clanging the dimwit bell, then, we need to strike.

All that being said, I have a new website which will hopefully just be a big FAQ about the truth about New Orleans. I thought about making it a wiki, but I don't want some "don't rebuild" mook to post lies.

And Varg, I love quoting wrestlers. I'm the one that thought Stacy Head should use Al Snow's tag line: "What does everybody want?"

I think back to this post: where I had to convince some students in Chicago why New Orleans mattered. It used to be that showing them pictures of floaters or the story of Vera helped. I think everyone is immune to it all now.


Hey, Ashley, send me the part you cut out. I'm sure I agree with MAD because I usually do but I'm curious.

As you know, I don't agree with you about there being no difference between W's Repubs and House Dems. Congress works very slowly and many things are falling our way BUT institutionally, Congress is NOT designed for super swift action. Our system of guvmint is set up to prevent dictatorship, not to make things move fast. I wish things would progress more quickly but it just doesn't work that way.

The bill introduced by Congressman Clyburn to wave the 10% requirement is the leadership's bill. He's the Majority Whip. It will pass. Will it happen over night? No. Why? Shifting the course of the federal government is like trying to put the brakes on a freight train. The only way to do so is slow and steady pressure on the brakes.

I really do wish things could change faster but the Dems have only held power in Congress for 5 weeks now. It's impossible for them to change everything as quickly as we would like. I think that pressure on them is fine BUT reversing the freakish policies of the Bush Admin and Hastert-Frist Congress can’t be done in such a short time frame. They need to be given 6 to 9 months because Congress is the tortoise, not the hare.


"Shifting the course of the federal government is like trying to put the brakes on a freight train. The only way to do so is slow and steady pressure on the brakes."

I disagree with the latter thrust. It's Brownian motion; it doesn't need to be slow but there does have to be enough motivation - today's "political will" catchphrase - to surround errant particles and push them towards the (intended) current. Really, I mean, Dennis who? Not ringing my bell. That scamp fell pretty quickly with the Foley embarrassment. Likewise Rummy, out the door within a week of no one publicly expecting it.

If you "don't know what to do", it's because you're in a box. FYYFF rants don't offend me, but I cringe at seeing them side-by-side with CTO solicitations, even as a joke, because the logic of the juxtaposition is not an isometric exercise but merely a resistance band. You go up or you go out, you play in concentric circles, you use mathematical eccentricities. Not Sinn Fein but Third Way.

It's irrelevant to argue with the pawns and plants of the right wing. No consensus was reached prior to the invasion of Iraq; none needs to be reached here. But if you want to focus on a need, go after Entergy. Entergy New Orleans is the new Enron; I don't care what the newsmedia says locally about insurance crushing the reconstruction, utility rates will. Getting people into new housing (as some noblesse oblige want to do for renters) who then cannot pay their electric and gas bills... oh, that's a bad wind coming. Politically, you're not going to see a sense of urgency under this administration because of the utility of this cracking form of gerrymandering. The closer they can push major recovery efforts to 2010 or just after census taking, the closer they come to One Unified Republic. When the powers that be wanted a smaller footprint in NOLA, first thing they spoke of was the inability to carry utilities in all areas. This is an energy administration.

In summation, don't go after the federal government at all. Go after the corporations. Brownian motion.


Adrastos, actions speak louder than words. Pelosi didn't have us in her "100 hours", and until I see something done, I'm blaming the leadership of both parties.

Carmen, Dennis Hastert did make an impact as speaker, and he definitely made an impact on his Illinois constituents. I wish it were not so, but it is.

"I don't know what to do" in trying to make people understand. As a teacher, it frustrates me to no end when people basically refuse to open their minds and learn. That's the crux of my frustration.

Carmen, could you please translate your third paragraph? I honestly don't get your point. I don't see how a FYYFF rant, intentionally and obviously a vent, can somehow discredit my qualifications for a CTO job. Did you see my vita? Do you doubt that I am more qualified than Kurt or Meffert?

Entergy is one target. We cannot focus on one target alone.


One more time: the 100 Days thing involved mostly internal issues that the new majority could tackle quickly. Changing spending priorities has to go through multiple committees. I know I didn't change your mind but when it comes to money it takes Congress 6 months to act.


Ashley, you're presuming Hastert was speaking of his own volition, instead of as part of the Hydra. Dennis' "position of authority" wasn't so much earned as negotiated. Everybody's got a fall guy up in DC, and DH fell because he was expendable. In other words, you would have heard the same feed come out of another puppet's mouth if Hastert wasn't in position, so you cannot really say Hastert had the influence.

Third paragraph: think John Edwards and the bloggers he hired. C Ray and the initial post-K rant and its political backlash. Back in the BNOBC days, one of the guys came up to McBride at a pump status meeting and said, "you're smart but I can't work with that attitude." I don't doubt your qualifications, but you're asking for a plum role in a very political town. What you've said before matters to those people. That's not an advisory to sell out, by any means, but if you're going to reference Sinn Fein, you cannot be surprised that the DoJ or DoD shows up at your online threshold.

The rest of the translation is simply: clear your thinking, prioritize your goals. You do choose target goals one at a time; you perceive what others have in place, and fill the gaps. If you get nowhere with one committee, you reach across to another. You don't get frustrated "when people basically refuse to open their minds and learn" because some people are shilling just to blockade progress. That's the game.

cousin pat from georgia

--"I don't know what to do" in trying to make people understand. As a teacher, it frustrates me to no end when people basically refuse to open their minds and learn. That's the crux of my frustration.--

It took a long time for the bad perceptions of New Orleans to enter the public consciousness, and it will take a long time to get rid of them. It will feel especially difficult when you have a bunch of talking heads out there who are actively looking to stymie the recovery efforts with their words (I'm thinking, specifically, of the pundits who toe the 'under sea level/not worth saving' lines).

But the main perception problem is really only with those pundits and people who, for some outer-space reason, hate New Orleans anyway. You won't change any of their minds. Thankfully, you don't need to.

Litigation will clear up one part of this, if NOLA wins the cases. SCOTUS finding the USACoE liable for the flood would go a long way into changing perceptions in the national consciousness. Many people elsewhere don't realize that USACoE has accepted fault for the floodwalls failing.

Other things help out, too, perception wise. The Saints' run to the playoffs was powerful, as sports psychologically affect the whole nation (notwithstanding the acute psychological impact that had locally). When they make the same run next year, it will be even more good press for the city. LSU's huge season was also a boon, but the big dog will be next year, when New Orleans hosts Monday Night Football (cause you know we will), the Sugar Bowl, the BCS National Championship game, and two NFL playoff games. You can't understate exposure like that as a rebuttal to these idiot talking heads bad mouthing the city.

Next, upwards of 750K people visited NOLA for Mardi Gras. I betcha many fine reports about the City will follow those visitors back. I know at least two who went back to Georgia with smiles on their faces.

I also heard a report that over 1.5 million Americans from elsewhere have volunteered in NOLA (and even more than that on the Gulf Coast as a whole) in the past 18 months. That number is staggering.

There are a lot of naysayers, what they say makes the blood boil for anyone who is here or who has family here. But there are already millions of Americans everywhere on NOLA's side in all of this. But many of them are confused by what they hear.

That's the problem: getting the real stories out: that includes the success stories tempered with the information that there is still work to be done, and the horror stories tempered with a 'here's how you can help' section.


Ashley, I understand. Ever since my schizoprenia post, I haven't been able to post anything for three reasons: one, I've been to busy picking up the mess in my house, two, I have been sick with what Adrastos calls the skank flu (probably contracted via monitor from reading his blog!) which apparently never goes away, and third, because everything I start to write sounds like what YOU just wrote. Living with the fury and not understanding why people feel the way they do about New Orleans is hard on the psyche.

I'm always delighted by your hyperbole because, frighteningly I suppose, it mirrors what's going on in my head. You're probably in better shape because YOU actually post it!


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